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How to manage your team’s expenses effectively

How to manage your team's expenses effectively | Abel Aioanei - Revenue Operations at Pleo

About Pleo

Pleo is a spending solution that enables employees to buy the things they need while keeping companies in full control of all spending. With the help of breakthrough technology and commercial cards, Pleo eliminates expense reports, reduces administrative complexity, and simplifies bookkeeping.

To find out more about how Pleo can help you with your team’s expenses, listen to our podcast.

What makes it different?

Cristian: “What differentiates you from your competitors?”

Abel: “I think that, especially regarding SaaS or B2B, we tend to forget how important customer experience and support are. That is one of the most important needs that a customer has. We could go on and say at Pleo, we have good marketing, and I think we have good marketing. We are in a lot of European markets, and we have good investors, but our customer support teams, customer experience, and customer onboarding, I think they’re amazing.

As a student, I remember some days when I asked if I could stay next to you guys. I have been beside them, and they know how to talk with people. I’ve learned stuff just by being there for one day next to them. And also, sometimes, people from our management team go there to sit to hear what the customer has to say. We are trying to be very, very customer-centric.

What is the customer liking, or maybe what is the customer not liking so much, and what is the feedback they have? So, we have a lot of customers calling just to hear what the pains are, what they would like to see more, and what they would like to see less. Let’s be honest, maybe there are some things that our competitors have, and we do not – let’s hear the customer on this one.”