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How to schedule meetings with minimal fuss

How to schedule meetings with minimal fuss | Bridget Harris - YouCanBookMe

We are excited to share with you the highlights and takeaways from our latest episode of the YouCanBook.Me podcast. In this episode, we spoke with Bridget Harris, who shared insights on how product-led growth and bootstrapping played critical roles in building their business and the challenges they faced.

Longevity is probably the biggest challenge, and founders tend to underestimate how long things will take. Finding a balance between energy & momentum and understanding things take time is an art of patience. Long-term thinking is necessary for decisions with long-term impact, even if short-term solutions may seem easier.

The topic of speaking at conferences is also discussed. Conference organizers have editorial and content teams to curate the speakers and shape the conference. Our guest stresses the importance of having already solved a problem as part of their experience and wanting to share their knowledge to help others. Bridget tells us to network with like-minded people who share a common interest is an effective way to connect at networking events. You can start with local meetups, so speakers can create footage for a demo reel to show conference organizers since it’s a good idea to have background experience through podcast interviews for any conference speaker.

Bootstrapping YouCanBookMe and using Product Led Growth

Bootstrapping the company is the topic of the next section. Bridget preferred to use their own money from the company rather than risk taking on somebody else’s capital because they didn’t have a clear idea of what they would spend it on. This allowed them to have more control over their financial interests and make better-quality decisions later. Bootstrapping provides a lot of control and direct relationships with spending and decision-making. Without outside investors or experienced hires, the company can become fragile over time. Founders need to identify potential areas of weakness and find ways to replace them.

For Bridget, scheduling is the purest form of product-led growth. With PLG, users can try the product before purchasing it, eliminate the need for marketing or sales persuasions, and make it easier for companies to quickly grow their revenue and customer base. They grow their customer base by automatically introducing the tool to someone new every time someone else books a meeting using their platform. They currently manage over one million bookings a month and offer a free version of their tool, motivating them to provide users with value.

Overall, the YouCanBookMe podcast episode provides insight into product-led growth, speaking at conferences, turning a creative solution into a business, bootstrapping, competition, and the challenges of running a business. Bridget’s experiences provide valuable knowledge for others looking to grow a business, and their focus on customer needs and building strong relationships is commendable.