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How to share impactful content to any screen, from anywhere

How to share impactful content to any screen, from anywhere | Mark McDermott - ScreenCloud

This episode features an interview with CEO and founder Mark McDermott from ScreenCloud. ScreenCloud is a software company that provides a platform for digital signage, making it easy to display content on screens. They aim to make digital signage simpler, smarter, and more scalable. The conversation begins with Mark sharing how he got into software development and eventually started ScreenCloud. He talks about how he went against the traditional career path of accountancy or teaching and instead taught himself web development and design.

We discuss how their product differs from others in the market because it is designed with a screen-first attitude and is easy and cost-effective to set up and deploy. Their new feeds platform provides a universal way of accessing and formatting content from multiple systems for screen display. ScreenCloud initially focused on SMB customers. Then, they shifted to enterprise customers and decided to go deep on their use case of screens that communicate to inform, not promote products.

Mark told us how COVID-19 had affected his company, especially since their product is focused on displaying content on screens in public places. Their revenue dropped due to customers closing their businesses. The company had to take defensive tactics to protect its team and retain existing customers. However, they were able to raise funds through the UK government’s Future Fund and venture debt financing to keep the company alive.

Advice for SaaS founders

Our guest also shared tips for other SaaS founders, advising them that there is plenty of room for different products in most markets and America first. It is necessary to conquer America at some point to be a big, fast product. He also stresses the importance of content creation, a tactic that has been their best growth strategy. Long-term commitment and a proper strategy are required for content to be effective. They hired a freelancer to interview and transcribe customer feedback every two weeks into blog posts. Even content created years ago still brings in inbound trialists.

In summary, this episode is a fascinating insight into how a SaaS company like ScreenCloud operates and adapts to changes in the market, like COVID-19. This podcast is a must-listen-to learn more about digital signage and what it takes to succeed in the SaaS market. We hope you find this podcast episode as informative as we do, and remember to tune in to our next episode for more valuable business insights.