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Increase your payment processing approvals

Increase your payment processing approvals | Robert Podlesni - Revolv3

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, Christian Dina interviews Robert Podlesni, the Chief Product Officer at Revolv3. Revolv3 is a payments company focusing on payment approvals. Robert shares insights into the company’s mission to increase revenue and reduce costs for their clients. Through their flexible billing platform, Revolv3 provides solutions for ecommerce merchants, addressing their unique needs and helping them overcome decline problems.

The episode begins with Robert introducing Revolv3 as a payments company that prioritizes payment approvals and reduces customer churn. By leveraging dynamic routing and data integrity, Revolv3 effectively increases payment processing approvals, benefiting merchants in revenue growth and reducing costs.

The main problem Revolv3 aims to solve for its clients is increasing revenue and reducing costs. Revolv3 enables merchants to extend billing cycles by reducing churn, leading to exponential growth. Additionally, Revolv3’s multiple acquirer options contribute to cost reduction by leveraging the best rates in the industry.

Robert highlights the most loved features of Revolv3, particularly their philosophy that one size never fits all. Revolv3 can operate as a comprehensive billing platform, managing subscriptions and customer journeys. Alternatively, it can function as a gateway by integrating with various front-end software and ecosystem CRMs. Additionally, Revolv3 offers its own PayFac, allowing it to set up merchant accounts for sub-merchants, providing flexibility in account management.

The episode concludes with Robert sharing the story behind Revolv3. With over 20 years of experience in the payments industry, Robert joined Revolv3 to address the lack of scalable third-party applications for enterprise-level merchants. The company started with a small team and has grown to over 50 employees across the US and Europe.

Overall, this episode provides insights into Revolv3’s mission to increase payment processing approvals, reduce churn, and drive revenue growth for their clients. Their flexible and comprehensive billing platform and unique pricing model set them apart in the competitive payment processing space.