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Linguix is an AI-based writing assistant designed for thousands of native and non-native English writers to improve their copy and content, solve business tasks, and unlock new opportunities! Rewriting technology instantly makes any sentence compelling, native, and powerful.

One big company or small competitors fighting for the market?

Cristian: “How do you think it’s best for the end consumer: let’s say in a market with just one big company, and that’s it; because they have all the features or a market where there are small competitors and fighting with each other?”

Alex: “Yeah, sure, absolutely, I’m like a huge supporter of the competition idea, and I think that monopoly is always bad, and this is why there are lots of laws that target monopoly, and they would like to prevent it because it’s bad for the market and the end people; because when you like too big, you don’t have the motivation to improve your solution to innovate.”

It’s always great when you have a choice.

Alex Lashkov, CEO at Linguix

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