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Powered by Change: A powerful business growth platform

LIVE with Jonathan MacDonald - Powered By Change

We are always enjoying talking to people from whom we have to learn. Our guest on the podcast in this episode is a great human, Jonathan MacDonald, that taught us to follow our passion no matter what. So when people tell you it is impossible, don’t give up. Just follow your passion. It was a real pleasure to have him in front of our community and have the opportunity to learn from the best!

Jonathan MacDonald is an award-winning, bestselling author and one of the most in-demand keynote speakers in the world on the topics of change, digital transformation, mindset, innovation, strategy, and the future. 

Jonathan has worked in over 100 cities globally as a business, technology, and social expert. His background is in retail, entertainment, and strategy, and he has been advising businesses for almost three decades. Definitely, he is a man from whom every business and entrepreneur has something to learn. If all these things are not enough for you, Jonathan is a great author too. One of its books, “Powered by Change,” he’s writing with so much dedication about how you can design your business to achieve success. Purpose, People, Product, and Process – the four Ps that every CEO has to keep in mind to grow their business.

From a successful book to a powerful platform

From his book “Powered by Change,” he built a powerful growth platform for businesses where they can enjoy coaching programs and access methodologies that have been incorporated into hundreds of companies worldwide. The world nowadays is defined by change and adaptability. Thus if you want to succeed in your business, you must change how you think and act with “Powered by Change.”

Enjoy and follow us for more interesting guests and subjects!