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Speed up website deployment, testing & recovery

LIVE with Gordan Orlic - founder & CEO at WpReset.com - Speed up site deployment, testing & recovery

Building a great website, but especially faster, is not an easy job. That’s why you need to use the best tools that will help you work better and faster without investing too much money. If you are an agency, entrepreneur, or freelance website builder, this next tool is exactly what you need. WPreset is the name, and immediately, you will find what it is doing.

About WPreset

WPreset is a WordPress plugin that helps non-devs do unwanted jobs in web management, which is resetting. For example, you need the process of resetting when installing a bag plugin on your website or a wrong update, or if you want to test new features that are not doing exactly what you thought.

What is great about this tool is that it is not dedicated only to developers. On the contrary, the tool is designed for non-devs. Moreover, it provides loads of features for your website.

But, if you want to learn more about this great tool, you have to watch the episode and learn from the source itself, Gordon Orlic, how you can save time and money by using WPreset for your website.

Another great feature of this product is that it provides a SaaS component, a WPreset Dashboard, that will help you better manage your licenses and websites. Every tool that provides a centralized dashboard will make your life much easier.

There are many great things to say about this product, but probably you’re already watching the video. And don’t forget to use only the right tool for your business model!