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The Importance of WordPress Backup Service

Why you need a backup service for your WordPress website | Akshat Choudhary - BlogVault

What is BlogVault doing?

Akshat: With BlogVault, we do backups, and if you’re running a WordPress, you don’t want to and can’t afford to have anything go wrong with the website. You know, website crashing updates, failing, or getting hacked. And our product helps you solve and protect yourself from those problems.

We are focused on WordPress websites. In our experience, over 70% of business websites are created using WordPress.

What are the best features of BlogVault?

Akshat: This is the most important feature when discussing data reliability, right? And that’s the main thing that we spend a lot of energy and time on, and we spent years making it our product—the most reliable solution for the backups security of a website. There are a lot of other features, you know.

Still, everything stems from the reliability of the data, the security of the data, and how you safeguard it. If people are more used to understanding it better, we provide you levels of when it comes to restoring your site when something goes wrong, or we even take steps.

We also provide tools to protect your sites from crashing. For example, our malware scanner. Another thing is the security perspective – if the site ever gets hacked, then what happens in that, this is something we learned over time, is that people would not realize when their sites would get hacked for months and that the reason for it is that the current state of malware scanning is you know, outside of our product was very basic. So they’re using some very simple pattern matching for malware scanning. And that is not enough to identify malware.

Today we have the best malware scanner for WordPress, because of which, if you’re running a business-critical website, you don’t want Google to find out if you have been hacked. Cause by then, it is too late, and you want to be the first to find and repair it properly.

What is the pricing for BlogVault?

Akshat: We do offer a free trial. We have a security product also sold readily under a different band too. And there’s a, you can buy to the, or there’s also a free version of the security product. So you can get a complete ticket for the solution for free. And there is a. If you want some premium features, you can pay for them.

How competitive is this space?

Akshat: So there are our competitors everywhere. And the space we are in is highly, highly competitive. There are so many competitors, and new competitors keep coming up. So it keeps us on our toes and focusing on building a great product.

When did you start the BlogVault?

Akshat: Around 2010 is when we started, but that was like a project, and then from 2012, we’ve been working on it full-time. We are 35 people, and we are growing. But, again, we tend to have fewer people, so we don’t hire too many. But we grow. We are growing steadily year on and year.

What do you think was your biggest challenge in so many years?

Akshat: I am a bootstrapped solo founder, and I’ll say the biggest challenge I think challenges have. The team is always challenging, and marketing is also challenging. We are very, very product-focused or even engineering-focused. And that means that marketing sometimes takes a back seat. And I think everyone tells us that this is a problem. It’s a thing, sometimes just habits that die hard. So continue to focus on the product, and our product is the thriving factor for our growth.

A piece of advice for first-time founders?

Akshat: The best advice is not to get scared of competition. In fact, competition, if you see competition, means there is a need for your product, and the competition helps you. It helps ensure that you can you have an opportunity to grow your market. So, when somebody’s looking for X, they’re also looking for other solutions.

Competition seems very scary, and nobody wants to do a me-too product. When we started, we didn’t even realize we had competition. Because we are approaching that certain way over time, don’t worry that you’re doing a me-too product. As you start investing in it, your product will take its form. You always get differentiated if you’re continuously invested in the product.

And the competition will make sure that you know, you will, it’ll aid with the discovery that there is already, there are already people looking for a solution. And you can plug into those opportunities. So that’s something I recommend – it makes a job easier, not more difficult.

When we launched a week later, we thought that we were done. We’re not going to survive because there’s a competitor. But as people started writing about our competitor, they’re like, who else is solving this problem? So even without going any marketing myself, we started getting attention. So what appeared like a bad situation was a blessing.

How do we differentiate ourselves in marketing?

I think it might not be like an overnight success. As long as you have your heads down, you know that you’re constantly improving the product and marketing. So, I would tell in marketing, especially for people, you know, folks who are focused on the product or engineering, is when it comes to marketing, there’s a very, sometimes you might feel like I need to stand. But then that’s what kept us almost from investing in marketing cause, like find, how do we differentiate ourselves in marketing?

Your initial success can happen without differentiating, just doing whatever interests you. And as long as you do it and keep, invest, keep approaching it the day after. You can paralyze yourself if you want to do the perfect marketing or something very innovative, you know, because the only news you hear is about innovative marketing, like – oh, these people did this fantastic thing. But you don’t realize that not all marketing needs to be like when you get that opportunity, that’s fantastic, and you will. But not all marketing needs to be innovative. Just keep the needful, and that itself can help you.

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