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Why you need to start an outreach campaign

All-in-one Sales Outreach platform for Link Building | Andrew Cabasso - CEO Postaga

About Postaga

Postaga is an all-in-one outreach platform that can help you find new leads and target better opportunities. Because no one likes to receive template emails, you can build personalized outreach campaigns with AI-powered tools to connect you with the right people. You have a lot of campaign types that you can use with Postaga, and you can also manage all your contacts in their CRM.

Why should you start an outreach campaign?

Andrew: “Let’s use this example: I want to sell my SaaS product to agency owners. You will go into Postaga you’ll click our sales lead generation campaign, we have a search engine, and you can break it down by city if you want to, so I can search for digital agencies that are in the New York area that are in Tel Aviv that are in Bucharest. Then Postaga will find those agencies and, from there, find contact people at those agencies and find the owner who is in charge of marketing.

Andrew: “I can find their email address and send an email sequence, and I can use the merge field so I can do personalization at scale, but we could also do personalization at the individual level so, for example, you could mail merge like <Hello, insert first name>, but you could also do personalization at an individual level, and we also have some particularly unique AI features to help us come up with ideas.

Suppose you want to personalize every contact. In that case, we also have the part of our platform which will scrape their website to find you something to talk about, like <Hey, nice work on this recent award> or <I like this recent blog post of yours>, stuff like that is something to show that you are spending time to get to know who you’re trying to reach out.”

Listen to our full discussion if you want more on outreach campaigns and how Postaga can help you do that.