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Adobe Lightroom Classic Pricing

There are two buying options for Lightroom. First, you can get Lightroom on its own. Second, you can opt for the Creative Cloud Photography plan. Both plans start at the cost of $9.99/month. However, Adobe Lightroom Classic is available only with the Photography plan.

Let’s dive into the most common questions about Adobe Lightroom pricing plans.

Can you buy Lightroom without a subscription?

No, you can’t buy Lightroom Classic without a subscription. Moreover, you can’t get Lightroom Classic without Lightroom CC. Whether you choose the Photography or Lightroom plans, you will get both software versions.

Is Lightroom available without a membership?

No, Lightroom and the latest versions of Creative Cloud apps are available only with a membership plan.

Are all Lightroom updates included in the membership?

When installing Creative Cloud, you get access to all the releases and latest updates as soon as they are available. We know there are a lot of voices in the photographers’ community that don’t love the subscription pricing model. However, it has its upsides, as Creative Cloud speeds up the frequency with which the software updates.

What’s the difference between the annual and month-to-month plans?

You will need an annual plan to get the best value for money. Even though Adobe Lightroom pricing comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee, it still is a one-year commitment. Moreover, if you cancel after the 14 days window, there will be a 50% fee for the remaining months. In conclusion, if you prefer flexibility, we suggest choosing the month-to-month plan. That way, you will have the flexibility to stop or restart your membership without a cancellation fee.

Membership and cancellation terms

The membership begins as soon as your payment is processed. You’ll be charged the rate stated at the time of purchase, plus applicable taxes. Your contract will renew automatically on your monthly or annual renewal date until you cancel. Also, there might be changes to the renewal rates, but Adobe will always notify you beforehand.

Can You Get Adobe Lightroom for Free?

The only free way to use Adobe Lightroom free is during its 30-day free trial. However, after the trial expires, you need to get a subscription or stop using it.
Now, we know there are many of you trying to get a cracked version of Adobe software for free. However, we strongly advise against it. First, downloading a pirated version of Lightroom might bring you legal troubles. Second, websites offering illegal copies of any software product come with malware and viruses. In conclusion, it is better to be safe and pay some bucks to use the software rather than clean your hard drive and lose your files.

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