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Movavi Photo Editor is a popular photo editing tool that many photographers and editors use to restore old photos and improve the quality of images. This photo editor software has a simple interface and many features that you can easily use to enhance the look and feel of your images.

With Movavi Photo Editor, you can improve and fix your images within a few seconds. You can also remove irrelevant objects, red eyes, replace the background, eliminating the consequences of lack of proper lighting during shooting, and include a watermark. Plus, you can get rid of the shine from the cheeks and smoothen out wrinkles. In addition, it has a background tool that allows you to cut and eliminate irrelevant elements from an image easily.

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Movavi Photo Editor Alternatives

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Movavi Online Photo Editor

Movavi is an online photo editing software that gives your images studio-quality enhancements. It features stylish overlays and filters, unwanted object removal, background replacement, video slideshow creation, batch resizing, and more. In addition, this professional photo editor lets you add transparency toggles, custom captions, text position changes, and modifications of different text parameters. Also, the Movavi photo editing software has and extensive functionality. You can use it to adjust images parameters, apply a filter, crop an image, add a color effect, adjust brightness, white balance, and saturation.

What is Movavi Photo Editor?

The Movavi AI-powered photo editing software is very popular among photo editing tools globally. The Movavi photo editor has a beautiful design and a user-friendly interface, making it very easy for photo editors and photographers to use. One of the distinct features of this AI-powered photo editing software is that it helps to detect faces and creates specialized edits for them. For instance, the Movavi photo editor detects faces in a photo, smoothens skin texture, changes hair color, and fills eyebrows automatically. As a result, photographers and editors can achieve all these without losing the organic feel of the photo.

Movavi photo editor has all the tools an image editor needs to edit images. In addition, it has features like exposure adjustment and color gradient, customizing the color of elements in the photo, and restoring antique photos. You can also use this AI-powered photo editing software to get rid of unpleasant elements from the photo or completely change the backgrounds of photos.

How to use Movavi Photo Editor?

There are different ways you can use the Movavi Photo Editor tool, but in this article, we will only show you the steps to change the background of an image.  With this option, you can eliminate irrelevant elements from the image before cutting and moving them to another background. Here are the steps you should take when changing the background of an image using Movavi Photo Editor:

  • Select the important image and activate the “Change Background” tool that you will find on the top vertical tab.

  • After that, move to the Brush tab and select the “Brush +” Vertically and horizontally, choose the elements you want to use, and make sure you remember to use the brush size slider. It lets you modify the size of the brush.
  • Go ahead to select the preferred area and use the “Brush +” tool. Vertically and horizontally circle the important area to get rid of irrelevant elements. Don’t get attached to the contour; just circle the approximate area.
  • For a correct result, zoom in on the photo with the mouse wheel or “Ctrl +” “Ctrl-” key combination. Also, select the finally, ensure the photo with red. Finally, ensure you adjust the brush size.
  • After you have selected all the important areas, go back to “Brush +” and correct the selected area.
  • After coping with the job, click “NextStep,” you will notice that the photo editor will shift the selected items to the front, highlighting irrelevant items in brown.
  • Pick the mask brush tool to get rid of irrelevant patches of light. Be careful when you get to this stage because it is quite hard.
  • Use the “Hair Selection Tool” brush to not only correct the effect of torn hair but also smoothen it out.
  • Tap the “Next Step” button, and that’s all. If you don’t like the result of what you came up with, you can go back to any of the previous steps and correct any mistake you must have made.

Movavi Photo Editor Features

  • Ease of use

It has a user-friendly interface that both beginners and professionals can edit images. All the tools in the software are found at the right-hand side of the screen, and while the work area is located in the middle, it displays your picture editing in progress. Also, to the left of the toolbar, you will find the area for making adjustments to the edit, like color transparency and crop size. Within a short time frame, you will get used to using all the tools available.

  • Help & Support

Movavi Photo Editor provides manuals, video guides, how-tos, and a knowledge base. Their manual is very easy to comprehend–you will learn how to use plenty of available features on the software. In addition, it has the live chat feature and the email support feature that you can use if you have any questions you want them to respond to.

  • Color correction with preview

With this feature, you can carry out simple lighting and white balance correction, adjust temperature, blur, contrast, exposure, add shadows, and other things.

  • Advanced face correction with a custom brush

With this retouch feature, you can simple photo retouching by choosing one of the available tabs: mouth, skin, eyes, and others. In addition, every tab has many tools that you can work with. For example, you can choose to do skin smoothing, blemish, wrinkle, or red-eye removal.

  • Precise semi-automatic eye correction

This is another feature that Movavi Photo editor has. Suppose you are not satisfied with the way the eyes of someone in a photo, you can use to feature to correct it. It works very perfectly.

  • Object removal tool

With this tool, you can eliminate unimportant items from your image—for instance, an unpleasant pimple on the nose or face. On Movavi, you will find three brushes that you can use to edit pictures–the lasso tool, magic wand, and the selection brush tool.

  • Simple background editing

With the Change Background feature on Movavi, you can change the background of an image you want to edit.

  • Advanced text editor

Movavi has a text tool feature that you can use to add text to your photo and edit them in whichever way you want. All you need to do is choose one of the hundred available fonts, adjust the size or set the text to italic type. Then, select the text color with the aid of the color palette.

  • Crop tool

The Crop tool is another feature in Movavi. You can use it to crop your photos to the perfect size you want or modify the resolution. You can use different ready-made sizes to crop your images; the available ones are 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, 7:5, and 16:9. If you don’t want any of them, you could crop them manually.

Movavi Photo Editor Pricing

The cost of the lifetime purchase of Movavi Photo Editor is $59.95. In contrast, $49.95 is the cost of a one-year subscription when you buy it together with the Movavi Photo Manager. As a result, Movavi Photo Editor pricing is cheaper than that of many other photo editing software in the industry.

With the free trial that Movavi offers, you can only edit and save ten images before you are asked to subscribe. The free trial has a lot of limitations to its functionality. Movavi has a free version that you could check out. Although, the free version will not allow you to save an already edited photo.

Movavi Photo Editor Alternatives

Movavi Photo Editor is not the only photo editing software in the world. It has other alternatives that you should know about. Below are 10 Movavi Photo Editor alternatives:

  • Adobe Photoshop

This is a professional graphic editing tool that you can use to enhance your images and change them into professional and high-quality images. Its features include stylish text, advanced slideshow creator, various crop options, photo mixer, Facebook graphics creator, etc. In addition, you can use it to share your pictures on different social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Paintshop Pro

This is a popular photo software with excellent photo correction technology and royalty-free backgrounds. Its features include beautifying toolkits, photo retouching, fantastic instant effects, faster brushes, color materials palette, text and shape cutting tools, magic fill, and others. Auto FX Software and Topaz Filter are the two plugins to improve the software’s functionality. Beginners and professionals can use this software. It has quick fixes, features, and creative tools for your designs and images. Its latest version is PaintShop Pro X8– with this version, graphic designers can use it to fill shapes easily with text by utilizing text wrapping; they can also use it to move people or objects with magic move features.

  • PortraitPro

This is another Movavi Photo editor tool. You can use it to edit photos easily. Many professional photographers use it to give their images a beautiful look.

  • GIMP

GIMP has the GNU image manipulation program to use and share freely. This software has features: transfer colorization, perspective transforms, different supported platforms, supported file formats, digital retouching, barrel distortion, photo enhancement, and a customizable interface. It is available on FreeBSD, Sun OpenSolaris, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

  • IrfanView

Many photographers and photo editors use this tool to view and edit various image files for non-commercial use, with compact and lightweight installation. In addition, it has different graphics-related features that experts and beginners can use to work.

  • Zoner Photo Studio

This photo editing software lets you edit and manage images very fast. Its features include color management, different supported formats, picture sharing, cloud publishing, GPU acceleration, HDR and tone mapping, instant filters, and picture management. With this tool, you can manage and share your photos easily.

Movavi Photo Editor vs. Adobe Lightroom

For the platforms they are available on, Adobe Lightroom is available on Android, iPad, iPhone, and SaaS. In contrast, Movavi Photo Editor is available on Android, iPad, iPhone, SaaS, and Windows. As regards audience, Adobe Lightroom is best for any user or organization interested in a photo editing software solution that they can use to edit, organize, and share images. In contrast, Movavi Photo Editor is perfect for anybody or photographers looking for a professional-grade photo editor to create and transform photos.

Adobe Lightroom pricing starts at $9.99 monthly, and it has a free trial. While Movavi Photo Editor pricing starts at 41 dollars yearly, it also has a free trial. Moreover, Adobe Lightroom offers integrations with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Connect, Adobe Comp, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and Adobe Acrobat DC. Still, Movavi does not have integrations with any of them.

Adobe Lightroom was founded in 1982 in the United States. In contrast, Movavi Photo Editor was founded in 2004 in Russia.

Movavi Photo Editor Review Conclusion

Movavi Photo Editing Software is one of the most popularly used software photo editing tools in the industry. This photo editor has a beautiful design and a user-friendly interface that photographers and editors can easily rely on. With this photo editing software, you can restore old images and improve the quality of images. You can also use Movavi Photo Editor to change the background of any image. This tool has many features that you can use to create professional and beautiful photos. This powerful tool has a free trial and a free version that you should check out. Although, you won’t have access to all the available features on the paid plan if you are using the free trial or free version.