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What is Bambuser?

Bambuser is a SaaS company focusing on interactive live video streaming. They have two packages: one-to-many and one-to-one. The one-to-many package can integrate with any eCommerce platform by simply embedding your code and syncing your product list. If you are looking for a personalized shopping experience, then the one-to-one package is for you. Best fitted with luxury brands, you can create a great experience for buyers by connecting directly with a brand representative in real-time.

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Live Video Shopping integrated with any ecom platform.
  • StartUps
  • Freelancers
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprise
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Personal
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Mobile - Android
  • Mobile - iPhone
  • Mobile - iPad
  • Desktop - Mac
  • Desktop - Windows
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  • Desktop - Chromebook
  • On-Premise - Windows
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Starting from: FREE

Pricing Model: Subscription

  • Free Trial
  • Free Version

Pricing Details:

There are three pricing plans available: Lite, Standard & Enterprise. All plans include social multistreaming, split-screen, and all available languages. Unfortunately, there is no Free Trial or Free Version available.

  • Brand Admin Control Panel
  • Catalog Integration
  • Split Screen
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Live Promotions
  • Product Highlighting
  • Integrations
  • Inclusive Player
  • Dual Hosting
  • Dynamic Live Selection
  • Fully Branded Experience
  • In-Video Purchase
  • Chat
  • Chat Moderation
  • Customized Player Design

Additional Features

  • Editing Tools
  • QR and Barcode Scan
  • Screen Sharing
  • Co-Browsing
  • Booking System
  • Native Site

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