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& Product Details is an innovative tool developed back in 2020 with the purpose of making the best decision regarding credits card. Let’s take a closer look at what this excellent service can do to make our life easier.

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About is an exciting product that promises to help you make the best decisions about banks and cards. Clyde divides credit cards according to the value it brings to the user. As a result, it will help you find the ideal card for what you are interested in according to the information is drawn from your bank statements. Even though there is still room for improvement, is a new product that aims to solve a market problem we didn’t even know we have. Well, at least some of us.

However, some of the most impressive products we use today, both services and hardware, we didn’t even imagine will be part of our lives and look at us today. We can’t imagine our lives without companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Apple, and many more. At Tekpon believe that Clyde, with its Artificial Inteligence system, will become essential in our lives in a short while.

What is Clyde? is a credit card comparison SaaS. The tool analyses your bank statements to provide you with recommendations through an AI-driven system.

How to use

Getting Started with

Easy peasy!

First, you’ll have to create an account. Second, go to the email address you used to create the account and verify it. Good, now you have an account.

Third, select a bank you are working with and enter your credentials. No worries, the company pays extra attention to the security aspects. Meaning, they use Plaid to encrypt and protects your credentials even from

Forth, Clyde uses artificial intelligence to calculate your annual card reward values. Fifth, you can connect as many banks to your account as you want. It would help if you had the patience and let the AI take its time and crunch all the numbers for you.

Last, will give you an overview of your spending pattern and present you with the highest value credit cards suitable to you.

Spending Patterns Feature Features

Probably by far, one of the essential features that Clyde has is AI; and the Plaid security system is not something for here and there either.


Plaid is a financial service company that enables companies as to transfer banks’ financial data through a secure system. Furthermore, Plaid essentially used a single API to connect financial apps to banks worldwide. Above all, the essential feature of Plaid and why it’s excellent that Clyde joined the big league are:

  • Data encryption
  • Strong autentification
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Robust Monitoring
  • Independent security testing

In conclusion and in plain English, be sure that your personal financial information is in good hands and encrypted. Meaning Clyde sees nothing and has no access to your credentials. Privacy features

Reward Calculation AI system

As mentioned earlier, Clyde uses artificial intelligence to provide you with your annual card rewards value and suggests the most suitable credit cards for you.

We find this particularly remarkable as we are dealing with financial products. Meaning that when dealing with other people, people tend to be driven by emotions and not numbers. In contrast, artificial intelligence eliminates those aspects and gives you the best results in mathematical terms. Also, keep in mind that AI becomes better and better over time as it interacts with more clients.

Obviously, we like the product, and we are looking forward to interacting with the AI as well in the future and taking it for a spin. Give it a try, and let us know what you think in the reviews section.

Why do I need

Above all, let’s get into context. In 2019, there were 1.1 trillion credit cards registered in the USA, which were essentially three times higher than the one of debit cards. Moreover, essentially overviews ten types of credit cards available in the US:

  • Unsecured – Probably the most common, doesn’t require you to deposit cash as collateral.
  • Secured – Requires a deposit. Essentially, the bank will match your deposit. For example, if you deposit $1000, you could get $1000 in credit on that card.
  • Balance Transfer – This allows you to transfer Credit card debt from one card to another.
  • Travel Rewards – Essentially, it helps you collect bonus or travel points which you can convert later on into hotel stay, flights, etc. Be careful as they usually have an annual fee.
  • Gas Rewards – Get great rewards at gas stations. The most common are cash-backs.
  • Cashback – Earn rewards with every purchase in the form of a % cashback.
  • Student – Granted to students with little to no credit history and that are looking to build one.
  • 0% Interest rate Credit Cards
  • Retail – Generally issued by big retailers and fall into two categories:
    • Closed Loop – can be used only at the retailer in question.
    • Open Loop – backed up by a bank – can be used with multiple retailers.
  • Fintech – The disruption in the credit card industry. They revolutionize the industry through no fees, applications, and changing how customers pay off their debt.

Accepted Cards on

Credit Score

Furthermore, other than the grand diversity of credit cards, it considers analyzing your lifestyle. Clyde also helps you evaluate and improve your credit score. Now we are relatively sure that Americans are very familiar with the expression for those who are not. A credit score is a numerical expression of your credit trustworthiness. This information is collected from credit bureaus, and it affects your ability to take a loan.

To wrap up,, through the diversity of credit cards it oversees, we believe can provide an in-depth suggestion of service you should look into to save money and get your personal finances under control. Therefore, if this does not give you a reason to consider using their services, we don’t know what.

Let’s move forward with our review and discover information about pricing and alternatives. Pricing

This Review wouldn’t be complete without information about the pricing, right?

Clyde is a free-of-charge product meant to blow your mind. It is a recommendation service that produces through AI data-driven solutions from your bank statement. They receive compensation for the services they offer from some financial products.

However, there is no reason to worry about that. Just take care of how the solutions are arranged and pick what you truly desire and fits you.

Why is free?

The Saas is free of charge because it chooses to charge the financial institution and keep the service free from individuals. The quality of the result is guaranteed as Clyde uses an AI to generate the results and the only thing that differs is the position of the results delivered. Therefore keep an eye on the results, calculate and pick what you truly need. Alternatives

As personal finance products and credit cards are so familiar in the USA, there are quite a few services similar to share Clyde offers. Thus, below are some of the most relevant alternatives and in someway competitor has:

Read more about Clyde’s alternatives in the dedicated section. Review Conclusion

To wrap the review, it is a fantastic credit card comparison SaaS that excels in security and objective credit card solutions suitable for you. Moreover, the product is free and comes with a great UX, is easy to use, and fast. You will get your results in no time. We love AI-driven products. So, we suggest you try it and let us know what your thoughts are on it.