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Livestorm Alternatives

There are many video conferencing software that you can find online apart from Livestorm. Here are some Livestorm alternatives:

  • Adobe Connect

This is a popular web conferencing platform that you can use to carry out your webinars and online meetings. With Adobe Connect, you can create custom learning experiences that engage your learners via collaboration and interactivity. Adobe Connect has a lot of features that you can explore. For example, it has a chat and screen sharing option. In addition, Adobe Connect ensures that micro-sites register users and promote your event. Moreover, Adobe Connect has great email capabilities for reminders and invites and fantastic analytics that will provide you with insight.

Thus, if you like this tool, let’s see how much you’ll pay. Adobe Connect has four pricing plans: the Freemium plan, the Meetings plan that costs $50 monthly, the Webinars plan that costs $130 monthly, and the Training plan that costs $370 monthly.

  • Zoom Video Webinars

Individuals and organizations use Zoom Video Webinars to engage with their audience, host webinars, engage with audiences, and enable communication with external and internal stakeholders. This powerful webinar tool can control audience interruptions, reduce background noises during video streams, and use studio effects and virtual backgrounds. In addition, organizations can use Zoom Video Webinars to promote event sharing on different social media platforms, send event reminders via emails, and customize webinar registration pages.

Also, this video meeting tool enables administrators to promote some participants to panelists for sharing video and audio, manage attendees, conduct polls, and develop customized post-webinar landing pages. Zoom Video Webinars has integrations with applications like Salesforce Pardot, Eventbrite, PayPal, HubSpot, Marketo, and many others. Some of the features that Zoom Video Webinars have are reporting, automated alerts, file sharing, event management, custom branding, feedback collection, and in-session chat.

The pricing of Zoom Video Webinars starts from $40 per month. You will pay $400 yearly or $40 monthly for one hundred attendees. If you need five hundred attendees, you will pay $1400 yearly or $140 monthly. You need to reach out to Zoom for more than ten thousand attendees to know how much you will pay.

  • Webex

Another software on the list of Livestorm alternatives is Webex.

Webex is an effective tool you can use to organize virtual events. If you want to make your meetings more engaging and interactive, WebEx is the best tool to use. Below are some of the features you will find on the Webex application:

  • Track and manage your work-life balance and professional relationships with personal insights.
  • Ability to make meetings more productive using automatic highlights, notes, and transcriptions.
  • It has breakout rooms that smaller groups can use to discuss.
  • Eliminate language barriers with real-time language translation into more than one hundred languages.
  • The audience can share their reactions with gesture recognition and animated emojis.
  • Minimize distractions with voice enhancement and background noise removal.
  • Enhance your audience engagement with Questions and Answers by Slido and next-gen dynamic polling.

Webex’s pricing starts from $13.50 per month. It has a free trial and can choose from three pricing plans. The Basic Plan is free and gives you access to HD meetings with up to one hundred people, a personal room, and screen sharing. The Meet Plan: costs $13.50 monthly. It comes with breakout rooms, recordings, screen sharing, and HD meetings with up to two hundred people. Finally, the Meet + Call Plan costs $25 monthly. And it comes with these features: A cloud-based phone number for every extension, phone menus, license, and others, breakout rooms, recordings, screen sharing, and HD meetings with up to two hundred people.

  • GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is a webinar hosting tool that you can use to host more than three thousand individuals for events like corporate communications, training, and marketing. Some available features on GoToWebinar are webinar performance insights, interactive engagement tools, instant-join links, automatic reminder emails, flexible scheduling, and others. In addition, while a webinar is ongoing, attendees can keep themselves engaged by using interactive features like Q&A, polls, incorporating videos, and sharing keyboard and mouse control for a hands-on experience.

With GoToWebinar flexible scheduling options, you can send many invites automatically after scheduling an event. With the aid of the pre-built webinar templates on GoToWebinar, you can easily create and host an event. In addition, you can record and store your webinars in the video library for future sharing and reference. GoToWebinar’s pricing begins from $24 monthly. It has a thirty-day free trial that comes with these features: Instant meetings with GoToMeeting®, free product training and 24/7 support, audio through telephone and or mic and speakers, up to one hundred attendees per webinar, and unlimited free webinar service usage. Other plans support up to three thousand attendees for each webinar.


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