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Logic Pro

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Logic Pro Reviews

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What is Logic Pro?

Logic Pro is a comprehensive software package designed for professional music production. It offers a wide range of creative tools for songwriting, beat-making, editing, and mixing.

With a modern interface, it enables efficient workflow and delivers powerful capabilities when needed. The software includes a vast collection of instruments, effects, loops, and samples, providing users with a complete toolkit to create high-quality music.

It supports spatial audio authoring for mixing and exporting music in Dolby Atmos format. Users can capture inspiration using Live Loops and build arrangements by combining loops, samples, and recordings.

MIDI and audio recording and editing are facilitated with a comprehensive set of editors and tools. Logic Pro also offers features like Flex Pitch for fixing vocals, Flex Time for manipulating timing and tempo, and Smart Tempo for automatic tempo adjustment.

It supports remote control through Logic Remote on iPad or iPhone, and it includes features for drum production, sampling, keyboard and synth emulation, guitar and bass gear modeling, and various creative and production effects. The software comes with a vast sound library, compatibility with third-party plug-ins, and options for exporting projects and collaborating with other software.

Additionally, Logic Pro is available for iPad, offering a portable music production solution with round-trip compatibility for seamless project transfer between devices.

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Fully-featured Digital Audio Workstation for Mac.
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  • Freelancers
  • Small Business
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  • Large Enterprise
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Personal
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Mobile - Android
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    United States

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Starting from:

$199.99 /license

Pricing Model: Lifetime License

  • Free Trial
  • Free Version

Pricing Details:

Logic Pro offers a 90-day free trial of its latest version for Mac users. After the trial, the price for it is $199.99 per license.

  • Audio Capture
  • Audio Editor
  • Audio Manipulation
  • Audio Mixing
  • Audio Recording
  • Drag & Drop
  • Instrument Management
  • Mastering
  • Plug-in Integration
  • Score Editor
  • Graphical Workflow Editor
  • Volume Control
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Speed Adjustment
  • Sound Filters
  • Sound Effects
  • Media Library
  • Leveling
  • Cut & Trim
  • Exporting & Converting Files

Additional Features

  • Mobile Access
  • Workflow Management
  • Spatial Audio Tools
  • Live Loops
  • MIDI
  • Take Folders
  • Track Alternatives
  • Flex Pitch
  • Flex Time
  • Smart Tempo
  • Logic Remote
  • Drum Machine Designer
  • Step Sequencer
  • Sampler
  • Keyboards & Synths
  • Amp Designer
  • Pedalboard
  • Modulation Effects
  • Sound Library
  • XML support
  • Producer Packs
  • Multi-Touch Control
  • Key Commands
  • Sequencing Beats
  • Recording & Arranging
  • Punch Recording
  • 24-bit/192kHz Audio Support
  • MIDI Performance Editing
  • Live Loops Composition
  • Note Repeat
  • Remix FX
  • Drummer
  • Quick Swipe Comping
  • Track Stacks
  • Project Alternatives
  • Track Groups & VCA Faders
  • Automation
  • Production Effects
  • Selection-Based Processing
  • Music Notation
  • Music & Sound for Picture
  • Exporting Options
  • Bounce

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