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Vue.js Reviews

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What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces and single-page applications. It was created by Evan You in 2014 and has since become a popular choice for developers due to its simplicity, flexibility, and scalability. Vue.js is known for its small size, fast performance, and reactive components that offer an efficient way to manage the view layer of web applications.

One of the key features of Vue.js is its reactive data binding system, which ensures that the UI updates efficiently when the underlying data changes. Vue.js also supports component-based architecture, allowing developers to build reusable components and manage the application’s structure more effectively.

Vue.js is suitable for both small-scale projects and large-scale enterprise applications. It can be easily integrated into existing projects, but it is also powerful enough to build sophisticated single-page applications when used in combination with modern tooling and supporting libraries.

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Best For

Progressive JavaScript Framework for building web user interfaces
  • StartUps
  • Freelancers
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprise
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Personal
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Mobile - Android
  • Mobile - iPhone
  • Mobile - iPad
  • Desktop - Mac
  • Desktop - Windows
  • Desktop - Linux
  • Desktop - Chromebook
  • On-Premise - Windows
  • On-Premise - Linux
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  • Website


Starting from:


Pricing Model: Subscription

  • Free Trial
  • Free Version

Pricing Details:

Vue.js is an open-source project and is available for free. It is released under the MIT License, allowing developers to use it for both personal and commercial projects without any cost. Being community-driven, the software relies on sponsorships and donations for its development and maintenance. Users and businesses benefiting from it are encouraged to sponsor the project to support its ongoing development.

  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Library
  • Wireframe Creation
  • Animations & Transitions
  • Customizable Web-Frameworks
  • Data Import/Export
  • Drag and Drop
  • HTML and CSS Editor
  • Mobile Interface
  • Real-Time Editing
  • Third Party Integrations
  • UI Prototyping
  • Version Control
  • Visual Modeling
  • Web Publishing

Additional Features

  • Reactive Data Binding
  • Component-Based Architecture


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