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Development Analytics Software gives engineering managers get all the support needed. In addition, these tools gather all the information in comprehensive reports, so CTOs gain access to measurable data. All of this to boost productivity and efficiency.

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Why Git Analytics Tools?

In the first place, Git Analytics Tools provide CTOs and Engineering Managers a clear view of their teams’ developing processes. Secondly, Development analytics tools give analytics for engineering teams that help understand and grow its value.

Why are engineering metrics important?

Engineering metrics are essential because you can’t improve what you can’t measure. In like manner, engineering inefficiency is at 31.6%. If we were to look at the average software engineer salary and compare it to the inefficiency rate, the conclusion is simple.

Why measure engineering teams?

Engineering metrics are crucial for organizations. They help reduce engineering inefficiency by up to 10%.

However, improving engineering efficiency is easy when you are using the right tools. Not to mention that the market for Development analytics tools is growing. In addition, the tools available today are adding more and more features and report options. Given these points, engineering managers get all the support needed.

With this in mind, some of the advantages of measuring engineering teams with the help of Development Analytics Software are:

  • See how teams and individuals’ work;
  • Risk diminution;
  • Spot bottlenecks;
  • Find process improvements;
  • Track the progress of a team and an individual.

Four Metrics every engineering manager needs to monitor

Engineering managers struggle every day to check if their engineers are doing their best work. Although there are some metrics they can follow, it is hard to measure objectively. For this reason, Git analytics tools are gaining popularity points at a fast pace.

To measure upstream and identify the conditions that support or block the work, here are the four metrics every engineering manager needs to monitor:

  • Time to focus;
  • Meeting volume and distribution;
  • Avoid multitasking;
  • Too much context switching.

The bottom line is that using development analytics tools can significantly boost your effectiveness as an engineering manager.

Go ahead, read our honest reviews, compare git analytics tools, and choose your organization’s right one.