Ad banner software for marketing agencies to scale their business

Tekpon Author - Ana-Maria Stanciuc

Ad Banner maker software for businesses

Pen and paper are excellent ways for creative people to express themselves. Still, we live in such a digital ocean where everyone wants to earn awareness online. And sometimes, the advertising agencies can be overwhelmed by a significant number of projects.

It is not only the number of projects. But also the considerable number of feedbacks coming back from the clients. Or last-minute changes that can interrupt your team’s workflow.

For those projects where you only have to design their display ad campaigns, we have the perfect solution to maintain your team’s workflow and deliver the exact product that your client wants. Instead of using one of your creatives to do some automatic tasks that will take time and energy, you can use Viewst.

What is doing Viewst for your business?

Save time. The time that you can use to be creative and focus on the main projects. With Viewst, you can automatize creating different formats of banners and ad displays for your clients but still deliver a great design and help your client lead more clients.

We know that as a marketing agency you can have loads of clients with different visions and demands. Some of them are giving at least 20 feedbacks until the final design. And sometimes, it can be frustrating for your designers and your business. And then, you have those clients that want a last-minute change.

What is impressive about this ad banner maker software is that it doesn’t matter your design level; it can be used by a junior, senior, or even copywriter when your designers work on other projects. That’s because it’s that easy to create beautiful banners with Viewst and so intuitive as a software product.

One significant feature places it on the top of the list: automatically resize your assets in the format you desire, keeping the same design. Thus, if you need to deliver different forms of ad displays/banners for multiple channels, this is the tool that will automize the process without doing it manually in Photoshop, for example.

Boost your team productivity

Viewst is that platform where you can make creative ad designs in a breeze without creating a “New Project” in Photoshop or other tools used for graphic design. Moreover, Viewst is that tool that will improve your team’s workflow, and they can dedicate their time to work on other creative projects.

It will instantly generate thousands of ad variations or auto-resize whole ad sets from a single master in minutes. So, what does it mean for your agency? First, your customer will be happier about your delivery and will eliminate needless mistakes. So, you can say bye-bye to those endless feedbacks.

First of all, you should read our review and see what other things you can do with Viewst, its features that come with each plan. Then you should try it, and because we want to help as many people as we can, including your marketing agency, we offer a great deal that you can refuse.

Only on, you’ll find a 45% coupon discount for Viewst annual Pro+ Plan by using the coupon code COGNEVE45. So, you will save $80 annually for a great tool that will bring more money to your agency and save time for your team.

So, what do you get for this money?

Unlimited projects and formats, 100 exports per month, 50 background removal per month; with one subscription, you can work on three devices and many other great features. Still, if you are not convinced yet by this tool, we offer you a one-month guest invite to test Viewst.

Start improving your team workflow, maintain your customers happy, and make your business more profitable with Viewst. And don’t forget to view our point of view on Viewst and get our one-time deal!