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Finding the right balance between your business marketing and product

Tekpon Author - Ana-Maria Stanciuc

In today’s world, every brand or company is trying to make its presence felt online in a way or another, which is the natural step for a business. If you’re not present in the digital field, you don’t exist. Maybe it’s a hard thing to digest, but it’s the reality of the market. Thus, many businesses focus their efforts and capital on marketing campaigns, advertising, and people who can speak the digital language in their brand name.

Yet, the biggest mistake that many companies, small or big, are making is that they focus only on growing their brand on social channels and reaching people through advertising campaigns. And they are losing sight of their product or service—the core of their business.

Don’t get me wrong, I, myself, I’m digital. My job is to speak for brands and be their storyteller. But all my stories for your brand will pale if your product is not meeting your customers’ expectations. So, practically, when you’re starting to invest more in advertising and marketing rather than improving or constantly building on your product or service, finally, people will applaud your creativity and your campaigns but will not consume your product or service.

And I think that in the end, the purpose of marketing and advertising is to grow your business and, with it, your sales.

Now, for all people out there: don’t be fooled only by the beauty of a campaign or other marketing efforts. And for all businesses, if the product is not directly proportional to the budget and steps involved in building the brand, you’ll only spend money and gain a great awareness in social media. Still, your sales team won’t be that happy. In the software industry, I’ve noticed businesses that are making the same mistake. And others that are focusing more on the product but less on how they dress it for their users. But, again, this is not ok too. In a business, you must find that balance between marketing campaigns and product fit.

That’s why it is hard to build a successful business. It can take years until you find the secret recipe for your business and market your product right yet deliver the quality you promise. So, to end this on a positive note, I’ve got some advice for businesses to succeed in their path.

How can you succeed with your business?

Thus, if your only goal is to make money with a weak product, let me begin by telling you that no marketing campaign will save you in the end. So pay attention to what you promise.

Build your vision and share it with people. Nowadays, people are attracted to great stories. So even though it is not about themselves, make it be about them. Great insights will generate leads and potential customers. Humanize your brand. Bring some value into society, together with your product or service. Build your story around your product, and don’t forget that the product must be directly proportional to the way you communicate with your target.

I know that they say you must sell ice to the Eskimos in the sales market. It will not go forever with your customers. So, respect them and don’t promise them what you don’t have. Don’t create expectations. Let your possible customers guess what it could be. Now, if you have a good product but you don’t know where to start with your marketing actions, let me make some light in the room. There are a lot of great software products designed to help other people in their business growth. And with these solutions, you can focus on the product fit and deliver to your target what you are promising.

Social Media Marketing Software to gain awareness

It would help if you started from somewhere to make your product seen or heard. And social media channels are a must. Everybody is there. Yet, growing your brand on social media is not that easy if you don’t understand how the platforms are working. And to pay a social media manager is quite expensive, even more, when you are a start-up or a small business.

There are some excellent social media tools on the market to help you manage and grow your social media accounts. Zoho Social, Crowdfire, and Content Studio are just some of these fantastic tools that are lifesavers. Or business savers. Oh, you don’t possess the ability of a copywriter or content creator? Don’t worry; there are tools for that too. It will create a killer copy that you’ll want to buy your product.

A robust SEO strategy to gain visibility

Another element that you have to keep in mind when going out there in the market with your product is that you need an SEO strategy. You want people to find about your business. And you want to know their intentions online. Moreover, you need to gain visibility, more traffic on your website. Thus, more visitors to your website and possible leads. There are tools like SEMrush that are everything you need for marketing, content, and analytics. The software includes 40+ tools and reports to support SEO, content marketing, market research, advertising, Social Media Management & Search Engine Reputation management. So, don’t forget about this part.

And many other great tools that will help you automize tasks, boost your business, grow, and bring profit to your company. Yet, none of these tools won’t help if your product is not the best, if it’s not people orientated, or doesn’t bring any value. You miss the core of your business. Thus, no marketing campaign, no software product will ever bring you money if your product is not fit. But, of course, not a long term; it is possible in the short term to make some money.

Nowadays, everything is possible. That’s why we are writing reviews for the user. We want people to enjoy a good product that will help them. And businesses choose the right software that will boost their business, not just a tool. We want people to choose based on research, our research and enjoy what each company is promising. For our reviews, we go beyond their campaigns, social media accounts, and other online presence. The brand stays in each product.

To close this opinion, my advice overall for you, if you have a business or now you’re building it, is to develop your digital fairyland based on your product or service. You can dress the product in stories, social accounts, ad campaigns. But don’t forget to deliver to your users what you’ve promised in the last social media post.