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Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

Successful businesses focus on delivering to people the best experience they can. In this nowadays landscape of new media, communication, and interactions are facilitated, which is a big opportunity for businesses to stay in touch with their customers and attract new ones. Thus, we see more and more companies reaching people where they spend the most time – on social media. But sometimes, this is not enough. Customers are on point with technological advancements and, by default, with the means of communication. To trust you, people need to see you are a professional interested in engaging with them. People know what to ask for and know how to get it. 

Your social media audience might not directly say to make your website, but consider this is what they are thinking about. Did I hear you asking why creating a website benefits your company? Well, thank you for asking! If you are a small business that wants to make a powerful appearance on the market, there is no way to use your Facebook or Instagram page as an introduction. These are just social tools to support and enhance your online presence. But having your web page makes you look professional. And when it’s time to collaborate with potential partners, your website will be the one to attest to your good competency and expertise in your field of activity. 

You don’t have to worry about the process of creating a web page. Tools like GoDaddy website builder or Adobe website building software are here to support your efforts. And we are also here to tell you how to create a website and which is the best website builder.

Adobe Dreamweaver - website builder for small businesses

Why do small businesses need a website?

Maybe the question that haunts every small business. But still, why would you need one? We think it is about looking professional, dedicated to customers’ and partners’ needs, building credibility and trust, and adding personal touches to the way you present your company. Moreover, it is one of the core elements that help you build long-lasting relationships with customers and business partners. Thus, let’s explore further and, more specifically, how this works. 

Prove you’re a pro 

Having a business Facebook page seems like the standard of the online debut. Every company does this, and it starts losing significance and relevance somehow. Firstly, it is free, and second, this process can be done in a flash. So it is not much of a hassle. On the other hand, building a website takes time, lots of work, and expenses. Taking responsibility for the triad time-money-energy consumers proves nothing but earnestness and interest in how your business will be perceived.

Build credibility and trust

As I said, anyone can make a company Facebook page. And just as easily, those Facebook pages can be scams. But, because you invested many resources into building your website, it is a reliable source of credibility. At the same time, if you are an online business specializing in selling products and services, a website is the place to deploy your activity. People tend to buy from companies they know and trust, not from every Facebook page they saw two days ago. So, yes, creating a Facebook page might be quicker, but there are greater chances people will like and trust you based on your company’s website. After all, it is a badge of authority and credibility. 

Have full control of designing your image

Unlike other social media channels, a web page is something you own. Hence, you can control it without the limitations of fitting into a specific social media page template. You can organize your business page as you want according to the company’s story, mission, and beliefs. The web page design can communicate many things to visitors—things you set out and others that you don’t. Because you are in complete control, you can tell people aspects that set you apart from the rest in your way. The winning formula is choosing the right words and a web page design meant to double them. Speak about your core values through a unique visual. This will tell your customers who you are, what you believe in, and if they can match with you. Because your brand’s visual identity is a judging criterion, you’d better think of a way to make the most of your website. 

Increase your visibility

Have you heard about SEO content and its capabilities of propelling your website amongst the top results in Google searches? Now you do! Let your web page be as search engine optimization-friendly as it can. Learn the interests, needs, and core desires of your clients and potential customers, and start presenting your company in that light. This is a good strategy, a helping hand if you wish, that lets you create a long-lasting relationship with your audience—a relation based on sincerity, authenticity, relevancy, and actuality. Befriend your audience’s minds, aka SEO keywords, and see how much further it can get you. 

How to create a website?

Now that we have cleared up why your business should create a website, let’s see what other steps they should follow to implement the idea. Many companies refuse to make a web page because of the high prices and lack of skills, but it is easier than you think. There are two options: contact a professional to be in charge of your project or be the one who takes full responsibility for it, testing some creative skills. How? Using a website maker. No coding skills, computer science knowledge, pure creativity, and inspiration. Moreover, you can find many best free website builder software. 

Firstly, outline a plan for how you see your website – structure, content, and design. You will surely make adjustments or this initial plan, but it is essential to know what you want from the start broadly. Second, look for what domain fits you best, then register it. You might want a .com one. After that, research the website maker you want to use. Like the initial plan, you have to know your website maker well before hitting the road together. Finally, consider the search engine optimization we discussed earlier; then, you’re all set to launch your website. 

This looks easy, especially if you set up your website using a website maker. The best website builder package should include web page design templates, web hosting, domain name, email address, and, not to forget, the dearest option, the drag-and-drop editor. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner at creating a website. Some of the best free website builder tools let you make a free basic website on a subdomain address provided by the website builder. 

Best website builders to use

Nowadays, when we have all the technology at our fingertips, creating a website is no longer a viable question. Therefore, the real struggle is finding the best website builder. Further, we will present you with some of the most popular tools to help you make your website. 

GoDaddy website builder is a beginner-friendly tool that can build your website from scratch. It provides clean, simple, and customizable web page design templates. Also, it supports you in finding a suitable name for your domain. Furthermore, GoDaddy informs you if your chosen name is already taken and will give you close alternatives. Providing advanced technologies, this software manages to create and maintain the seen and the unseen parts of the website design. In addition, GoDaddy website builder offers marketing resources that make your website attract traffic and create buzz around it.  

Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the heavyweight champions of the best website builder tools. It is a website maker crafted as an HTML editor and coding software with what you see is what you get functionality. In contrast to other online-based website builders, Adobe is more likely a tool dedicated to professional web designers who have coding skills and expertise in developing projects from the top. This app performs admirably as a web development tool, and it also works with JavaScript and CSS thanks to the HTML editor. 

A cloud-based tool that works as a web hosting and design service is Wix. And it is also one of the best free website builder apps. However, premium features like owning the domain or ads-free experience are available only with the paid versions. Nevertheless, using Wix is easy to make your website and does not require specialist skills. Free CSS templates, drag and drop options, robust web design, are just some of the capabilities of this platform. 

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Go get dressed in some professional clothes 

The benefits of owning a website for your company are undeniable. A favorable image is built mainly on its relationship with customers. It will know success as long as the company respects its customers and their experience with the products and services offered, shows professionalism and focuses on strengthening customers’ trust. One powerful contributing factor, as I said, is making your website. So what’s the wait? Prove to your customers that you are worth their attention and trust!