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Author Cristian
Updated Jul 1st, ’22
Category CRM
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What is Clientjoy?

Clientjoy is a client life-cycle management software that helps you to manage clients, proposals, leads, and invoicing all in one place. Clientjoy is for agencies, built by an agency.

Different types of software

Yash: “A horizontal software is basically a software that serves a particular department across different industries. A general-purpose CRM is horizontal software. If you look at something like Pipedrive, it can be used by sales teams across different industries, they could be used by companies in healthcare, universities, agencies, and construction companies. They are basically solving a problem for a particular department across the industries. We firmly believe that horizontal software are not going to be good enough and what companies need is vertical software – software that solves for multiple departments in one particular industry. That’s what Clientjoy does. We are building software that all departments in one industry can use. If you’re doing your sales, your invoicing, your accounting, your proposals, your payments, all of those things, for freelancers and agencies as an industry, happens on Clientjoy.”

Yash: “This does not go on to say that our CRM is better than Pipedrive, or our proposal engine is better than PandaDoc, or our invoicing is better than Quickbooks. What it goes on to say is that for the freelancer and the agency use case, what Clientjoy offers, is much more specific to what those requirements are, so instead of offering 150 things as a sales CRM, we only offer 50, but those 50 are specific for agencies and freelancers. So it’s easier for them to sign up and to start understanding the software and at the same time it’s more cost-effective for them.”

Cristian: “That’s very very smart and very interesting because I’ve never heard of horizontal and vertical types of software. So, others are not your competition, you just do it better in one particular industry.”