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What is Zoho Social?

But let’s see from this review what is capable of Zoho Social and how it can help your business or agency face all the obstacles in the way of an excellent brand account.

As you probably figured out, Zoho Social is a great tool for managing your social media accounts. When I say manage, it involves many actions and instruments that will help you keep them clean and organized and learn how to grow them with some simple Analytics and insights.

Moreover, Zoho Social is a social media dashboard. It offers its users a single interface from where they can manage all their social media accounts, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and many more. Of course, some products are targeted to be used only for a single platform, yet Zoho Social is designed to connect all the platforms in one clear dashboard from where you can see your actions. However, there is a detail that I have to mention which makes this tool a great tool for generating leads: its integration with Zoho CRM.

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Zoho Social Pricing

Starting from:

$10 /month billed annually

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Zoho Social comes with packages suitable for businesses and agencies. Check them out through the 15-day free trial.

Zoho Social Features

  • Ads Management
  • Analytics/Reporting
  • Message Scheduling
  • Automated Publishing
  • Calendar
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Post Scheduling
  • Multiple Users
  • Bulk Upload
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Inbox
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Management
  • Content Suggestions
  • Customer Engagement
  • Mobile App

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Zoho Social Media Management

Are you looking for social media management software to take care of your social accounts? If you want to make the best of your online presence, Zoho Social is a social media platform that will help you save time and money. But let’s see from this Zoho social media review how you can manage better your social media accounts and what features have to offer to its users.

Let’s face it. You’re losing some good leads and money if you own a business and are not on social media. But, on the other hand, no matter their size, more and more companies are growing their online presence through social media accounts. But what can you do when this subject is a stranger to you? You have two variants. Either hire a social media manager to take care of your brand image. Or start using a social media management platform like Zoho Social.

The last one is ideal if you are at the beginning of your business and don’t want to spend too much money. Or if you work in/own an agency and want an easy but helpful solution to manage all your client’s social media accounts. There is no secret that if you don’t have a least one social media account on one of the platforms, it would be like your business doesn’t exist. So it’s not only a way of leading more customers. But you can create engaging content for them to trust your brand and follow you.

What is Zoho Social CRM?

This is not another independent product of Zoho. But rather a feature of Zoho Social to integrate with another product, Zoho CRM. As a marketing or sales team, you can engage with prospects and generate leads from social media. You have to know that every interaction on social media is an opportunity. You can convert people from followers into actual customers. You can set some actions for people interacting with your accounts from the software dashboard.

Moreover, everyone who has engaged with your brand is called a Connection. You can make them part of your CRM by adding them as contacts. You can identify and segment your connections based on their CRM status. View CRM details, track associated potentials, and add notes for each Connection. Plus, with this integration, you can better understand what social platforms can bring you more revenue.

Thus, a Social CRM is a customer relationship management software that can integrate with your social media accounts. In our case, connect Zoho Social with Zoho CRM. This will help your teams use social media insights and generate more leads for your business. Plus, it works differently rather than traditional CRM software. It will help you understand your followers’ behavior and deliver to them what they need to become your customers.

How does Zoho Social work?

When signing up, you must first know that they offer you a 15-days free trial of a premium plan. Then, after the free trial ends, you can upgrade your subscription or even downgrade to their free version. Yet, you have to know that this free version is poor in features, and if you are an agency or a medium business, it won’t be useful.

After signing in, you have to set up a brand. A brand is your company’s name. And this brand includes several social media channels, like a Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn Company page & profile. All of these settings are on a simple, clean dashboard. After that, you’ll see all the data extracted from these social channels, like the number of followers, posts, and engagement. Then, you’re ready to make your first post with Zoho Social or schedule it.

Features of Zoho Social 

If you’re wondering what makes a social media management tool a great platform to invest in, the answer stays in its features. Depending on Zoho Social’s features, you can say if it fits your business model. Or not. Yet, it offers some great features that will improve your social media manager’s life. Thus, let’s see what benefits come with this social media management software:

  • Schedule

This feature transforms Zoho Social into a powerful media publishing instrument for your business. What can you wish for other than saving time? With this feature, your team can schedule your brand posts on all your social channels in advance. Of course, users can choose from an array of scheduling features. All the publishing instruments you need are in one tool. Now, let’s see what other things you can do with Zoho Social:

  • Publish

What is great about Zoho Social, but it’s not the only tool that offers this, is that you can make an editorial/social media calendar and choose when to publish. Do you want it now? Great, create a new post and let it go! Yet, if you want to schedule a post in advance for a week, let’s say you can do it with the publish feature. Moreover, you can choose to publish on multiple accounts.

About that social media calendar,, you can visualize all your content in a nice calendar organized for days and hours. If you want to move one of the posts to another day, you can do that with drag-n-drop.

Moreover, if you are working with other people in your social media department, Zoho Social has some instruments to ease your workflow team. For example, a content writer creates the post, and after that, it can go for approval. Once the post is approved, it will be posted or scheduled. Plus, you can work on drafts if you have some ideas and don’t want to be lost. Also, Zoho Social offers Custom Queues. For example, you can set unique publishing time slots for each day of the week, so your team never has to worry about scheduling overlaps.

And the great thing about publishing is that you can do that with Zoho Social from wherever you are. They offer apps for both Android and iOs.

  • Monitor

When working with multiple accounts, even if they are your business accounts or your clients, you need powerful tools to monitor everything that’s happening with them. With the monitor feature, you can be aware of your core keywords, brand hashtags, product reviews, and more. This will help you to discover new leads. Now, let’s see what instruments Zoho Social offers for you to be on top of your social media accounts:

Live stream

  • Learn how often someone has engaged and get a snapshot of their profile.
  • Like, retweet, or respond directly to engage within the Live Stream tab.
  • Discuss with your team before crafting a reply.

Monitoring Columns

  • Follow the buzz about your brand with @mentions and keyword search columns.
  • Get in-depth tracking for hashtags, page reviews, user profiles, and more.
  • Filters for advanced Twitter search, Facebook reviews, GMB questions, and Youtube activities.
  • Build and manage Twitter lists of competitors or influencers from one place.
  • Add Lead/Contact labels & track engagers with the Zoho CRM integration.

Message Inbox

  • Send timely replies to requests and messages you receive with real-time notifications.
  • Add and manage contact details like email, phone numbers, and websites for anyone who sends you a message.
  • Push any conversation as a support ticket in one click using the Zoho Desk integration.


  • View and filter your social connections based on a priority social network.
  • Follow recent social updates from connections without switching between tabs.
  • Add and view info on all your key Facebook or Twitter connections from one place.

  • Collaborate

Thus, Zoho Social can be your solution if you want your social media team to work better together. It is not only a great management tool yet great productivity and collaboration tool that will help your team members work together. For example, why share your campaign ideas on another platform when they can use Zoho Social to discuss, plan, and share their best ideas?

Moreover, each member can have a defined role so that everyone knows who’s doing what. Regarding their role, they’ll have different access to the platform. As I said before, your team members can discuss, post, edit, and share their new ideas about social media campaigns. They don’t need to leave the platform and use email or another tool for brainstorming.

Want to work easily with your clients? Or get fast feedback from them? No worries, they can get involved with Zoho Social, too. Just add them and @mention them whenever you need feedback. This feature will help your team members work better and faster without losing focus.

  • Analyze

Thus, Zoho Social is not only a dashboard where you add all your accounts and start posting on social media. This management platform is an all-in-one solution for your business’s social channels. After adding your accounts, posting, and scheduling everything you need to save time, Zoho Social comes with some Analytics features.

This means that you can see and measure your brand performance. Yes, you can analyze and measure the impact of your campaigns, get useful insights, and track your social media performance. But let’s see what kind of metrics Zoho will give you:

  • Audience
  • Posts & Engagement
  • Performance
  • Reach & Impressions

Moreover, you can schedule like Zoho Social to generate custom reports. Define your time-frames for key metrics, and that’s it. The reports will be generated automatically at the hour and day you want. Plus, for agencies, the platform can generate branded reports for your clients.

Integrations for Zoho Social 

To get the best of Zoho Social, there are some integrations available:

  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Desk
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn for Business
  • Twitter
  • Workato

Zoho Social integration with Zoho CRM

As I’ve mentioned above, Zoho Social can become, through this integration, your own CRM software for social media. With these two products, you can generate more leads for your business from social media. In addition, you have all kinds of actions in the platform that offer new opportunities for generating leads. For example, each person/account interacting with your brand is a Connection; thus, in Zoho, CRM is a new opportunity to convert into a customer. Moreover, you can track your revenues from social media through Zoho so that you can have the big picture of your spent budget and revenue.

Zoho Social integration with Zoho Desk

With Zoho Social and Desk, you can bring the best of your customer service even on social channels. For example, you can respond to messages in real time, create tickets from social media updates, and work together with your support team to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, you can manage all the messages across social media channels in one chat-style dashboard. If an issue is opened, you can convert it into tickets immediately.

Alternatives to Zoho Social

Social Media is part of our lives and businesses. Thus, having at least one social account is mandatory for your company if you want to be present and reach your audience. I hope this Zoho Social review showed you at least the big picture of what this software product can do for your team. Yet, if you’re looking for alternatives to Zoho Social, let me tell you that there are many competitors in the market. Now, which one fits your business model, only you can say.

  • Sprout Social
  • Hootsuite
  • ContentStudio
  • See all

Zoho Social Review Conclusions

Purchasing social media management software for your business is a great strategy that I’m supporting. Whether you own a company, you are a social media marketing agency or a social media manager. You need a platform like this to save time and money from the budget. Not only will that help you to be on top of your social media accounts every day, but Zoho Social will also give you great insights into your audience and content.

Moreover, Zoho offers users some scheduling features to automate their social media tasks. These will help you create drafts for posts in advance and let the platform do the rest of the job at the time and day you want. Besides the general features of a social media management tool, Zoho Social offers analytics and generates reports for you or your clients.

Overall, it is a good product, not the best, but I’m sure you’ll be much better than without a tool like this to help you dive through social media until you reach your audience.

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