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How efficient is an SMS marketing strategy for eCommerce?

Ecommerce and marketing

Today, we are living in an age where everything is getting digital over time. Shopping, business, payments, receipts, and savings are online. As a result, people don’t bother to be in the queue when their plastic cards can work for them. Instead, they swipe their cards whenever and wherever they are.

This changes the mind of media houses and business managers to approach people in different, unique, and effective ways. Social media marketing is at its climax as the young generation is addicted to this form of information and entertainment. Messages are being shared in bulk, and a huge population reads the message sent by the organization.

SMS marketing

The method described above is enough to spread awareness. It is a fact that people nowadays can know about the products and services online. Therefore, this is an easy and effective way to promote the business. However, is this method reliable for converting an online viewer into a potential customer? Surely, it is uncertain as people are not there to perceive your message; instead, they use these online platforms for their purpose.


There is another method of marketing known as SMS marketing that is getting more popular over time due to its usefulness and productive results. It is easy for organizations to enhance marketing through SMS campaigns. This type of marketing is easy as messages are sent to the customers who are accustomed to using mobile phones and other gadgets for communication.

They pull out the mobile phone, read the message, and it takes a few seconds to reply. This strategy is adopted for marketing to target the audience easily and effectively. Here is a problem whether it is possible to send messages to such a large number of people. But automation tools can be the solution to get rid of this tension.

Tools for SMS marketing

Here is a brief description of some tools used for SMS marketing.

  • Omnisend

Omnisend is marketing automation software developed for automated email marketing, SMS campaigns, push notifications, and effective customer service. Its integration with renowned social media platforms is an outstanding feature to prove the effectiveness of the SMS marketing strategy. You can read more about this tool in our Omnisend review.

What is Omnisend? - Review by Tekpon

  • Keap

Keap is an effective tool to automate the marketing process through SMS, emails, and integrated customer relationship tool. The organization uses this tool to speed up the process of email and SMS campaigns through automation and optimization.

Keap features- review by tekpon

  • Bitrix 24

Automation software for SMS marketing is the best application for businesses to approach clients in bulk. It is a highly effective business promotion tool that helps spread thousands of messages in a single click. Therefore, it is helpful for all-level organizations for the effective and targeted promotion of their business. Furthermore, It is used not only to spread messages but it creates reports, makes an SMS sending schedule, and analyze the response rate for further decisions.


Benefits of SMS marketing

SMS marketing is a highly effective and efficient marketing strategy for businesses that want to reach the customer directly.  Here are some of the prominent benefits of this strategy.

  • Direct-To-consumer: This marketing method is effective as the message reaches the customer directly, and the prospect reads, most likely SMS. In this way, the chances of conversion increase compared to other promotion and business marketing methods.
  • Rapid engagement: As the message is sent directly to the target customer, the customer reads the message attentively. So the message of the business reaches the exact intention of marketing. High engagement of the customer ensures that the promotion is successful. It may result on the spot or in other cases leaves an effect that customers remember it and contact the business when the need arises.
  • Great idea for attractive offers: SMS marketing is most influential when the organization aims at declaring some limit or special offer. The customer knows about it and tries to avail this chance as early as possible. It plays a key role in awaking the instinct of the customer for a specific product and service.
  • Cost-effective: This marketing strategy is cost-effective as it takes little or no costs to reach the customer without any extra charges. The SMS charges are nothing as compared to other media channels. In this way, it is convenient and effective besides its unlimited benefits.
  • Result-oriented campaign: This is a result-oriented campaign as the business and customers are directly connected. The conveyed message has a high rate of conversion and the overall outcome ratio can also be calculated and monitored.


SMS marketing is a highly effective strategy for modern business marketing strategies. Its automation through software applications adds to its beauty and usefulness. Automated SMS campaigns help to bring better results as compared to other marketing strategies. In addition, it is cost-effective and more productive due to its direct approach to customers.