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What is Keap?

Keap is an all-encompassing CRM and business automation platform tailored for small to medium-sized businesses aiming to streamline their operations and enhance growth. At its core, Keap provides robust CRM capabilities that help businesses organize customer information and interactions in one accessible location. This integration supports efficient management of contact data, improving customer relationship and engagement processes.

One of the standout features of Keap is its powerful marketing and sales automation. These tools allow for the creation of personalized customer journeys through automated email marketing, lead capture with customizable forms, and targeted campaigns based on user actions or stages in the sales funnel. This automation extends to the sales processes, where tasks like invoicing, appointment scheduling, and follow-ups can be automated to save time and reduce the manual workload on staff.

Moreover, Keap supports a range of payment and ecommerce functionalities, making it easy for businesses to manage online sales, process payments, and even handle recurring billing with ease. The platform also offers advanced analytics and reporting tools that provide insightful data to help businesses track their sales, marketing effectiveness, and overall financial performance.

For businesses looking to expand their reach and optimize their operations, Keap provides a comprehensive solution that combines ease of use with deep functionality, supporting business growth through streamlined operations and enhanced customer interactions.

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Best For

Powerful CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation.
  • StartUps
  • Freelancers
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprise
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Personal
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Mobile - Android
  • Mobile - iPhone
  • Mobile - iPad
  • Desktop - Mac
  • Desktop - Windows
  • Desktop - Linux
  • Desktop - Chromebook
  • On-Premise - Windows
  • On-Premise - Linux
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  • Located In

    United States

  • Website


Starting from:

$199 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Keap offers "Pro" at $199/month and "Max" at $289/month, with 20% off for annual billing. Features vary by plan, with added costs for onboarding. A "Max Classic" option and a 14-day free trial are available.

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Keap Pro

$199per 2500 contacts

Keap Max

$249per 2500 contacts

Keap Max Classic

Former Infusionsoft

On Request
  • Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Management
  • Task Management

Additional Features

  • Client Management
  • Contact Database
  • Dynamic Content
  • Live Chat
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Customer Database
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Event-Triggered Actions
  • Pipeline Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Calendar Management
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Landing Pages/Web Forms
  • List Management
  • Subscriber Management
  • Template Management
  • ROI Tracking
  • CRM
  • Social Marketing
  • Lead Qualification
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Segmentation
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Territory Management
  • Calendar/Reminder System
  • CAN SPAM Compliance
  • Mobile Access
  • Auto-Responders
  • Lead Generation
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Surveys
  • AB Testing
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Cataloging/Categorization
  • Customer Service Analytics
  • Customer Support
  • Customizable Templates
  • Drag & Drop
  • Email Response Control
  • Form Builder
  • Image Library
  • Knowledge Management
  • Lead Distribution
  • Lead Notifications
  • Performance Metrics
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Promotions Management
  • Prospecting Tools
  • Reference Usage Tracking
  • Relationship Tracking
  • Responsive
  • Search Marketing
  • Search/Filter
  • Self Service Portal
  • SEO Management
  • Shared Contacts
  • Source Tracking
  • Website Management
  • Website Visitor Tracking
  • WYSIWYG Editor

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Tekpon Score


Tekpon Score

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Global Average Score
  • E-commerce and Payment Processing

    Built-in order form, shopping cart functionality, and streamlined payment processing are highlighted benefits, making it easier for businesses to manage sales and transactions​​.

  • Comprehensive Use Cases

    Keap is highly valued for its versatility across different business operations, including managing new leads, nurturing client relationships, and automating marketing for events and membership portals.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    The platform is appreciated for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. It simplifies navigation and operation, crucial for sales teams, and streamlines the sales process with easy-setup automation.

  • Automation and Segmentation

    Keap excels in automating sales and marketing processes, offering extensive email template libraries, easy segmentation of contact lists for targeted campaigns, and built-in A/B testing to enhance email effectiveness.​

  • Good Customer Support

    The customer support and resources provided by Keap, including onboarding videos, webinars, and access to expert coaches, are highly regarded for helping users maximize the platform’s potential.​

  • Robust Features

    Users benefit from features like built-in invoicing, payment processing, appointment scheduling, and a contact dashboard for comprehensive contact management.

  • Complexity in Automation Setup

    Some users find the setup of automations a bit challenging, indicating a learning curve that may require a significant time investment to leverage the platform’s full capabilities.​

  • Email and Landing Page Builders

    While functional, the email and landing page builders are noted by some as areas needing improvement. Users have mentioned needing more customization options and updates to keep up with competing platforms.

  • Pricing Concerns

    For startups or smaller businesses, Keap’s pricing can be steep, starting at $129 per month. Although it offers a comprehensive set of features, the cost factor is a consideration for businesses with limited budgets.

  • E-commerce Reporting and Taxation Functionali

    For businesses with complex reporting and taxation requirements, Keap’s e-commerce functionality may fall short, though improvements are noted​​.

  • Complex Contact Relationships

    Keap may not be as efficient in managing complex contact relationships, such as parent and child tracking, which could be a drawback for businesses with intricate client structures​​.

  • Email Deliverability Issues

    Some users face challenges with email inbox placement. Although this can often be managed with best practices and careful list management, it remains an area needing attention​​.


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Alina Maria Stan

About Keap

Keap is a CRM, sales, and marketing tool that helps you automate and optimize your processes. Furthermore, the Keap software will enable you to get more sales by taking over repetitive tasks such as tracking leads with emails and SMS and setting up appointments.

In simpler terms, Keap Infusionsoft is a sophisticated email marketing tool with integrated customer relationship (CRM), sales, and marketing automation features.

Keap, formally called Infusionsoft, was founded in 2001 by Scott and Eric Martineau, two brothers from Arizona. As we know it today, it began its journey back in 2004 with the launch of the first version of its sales automation software. Moreover, Infusionsoft changed its name to Keap back in 2019. The change came with more than the name and was followed by a product-friendly product for non-technical founders.

It is a tool under constant development and has adapted over the years to probably the best version we have so far. Back in 2019, together with the change of name Keap Infusionsoft changed its focus on small businesses. However, we will have to draw an exact conclusion after going through all the chapters of this Keap review. We’ve been surprised by tools before, and after the review, we concluded that they work for companies of all sizes. So, let’s move to the actual Keap review and take a deep look at it.

To better understand what we are talking about, let’s start the Keap review by understanding what it’s designed for and the differences between the Keap we know today and the format Infusionsoft.

About the company Keap

Keap was founded in 2001 under the name of Infusionsoft by Scott and Eric Martineau, two brothers from Arizona, USA.

The company changed its name from Infusionsoft to Keap back in 2019. Infusionsoft launched its first sales automation back in 2004. So, Keap, as we know it today, is an “octopus” meant to ease your work and directed towards non-technical users.

Is Keap a CRM?

It is a CRM tool, but not only. The Keap software is, as mentioned above, a sophisticated automation tool that integrates both CRM and Sales & Marketing Automation.

Who uses Keap?

Most companies using the Keap software are located in the United States and are in the small to medium-sized businesses spectrum, meaning they have between 10 to 50 employees. Furthermore, Keap has a lifecycle approach toward your customers and, therefore, many e-commerce users.

What is the difference between Keap and Infusionsoft?

There is almost no difference between Keap and Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft became Keap back in 2019.

Furthermore, the company focuses most of its resources on small and medium-sized companies rather than before. Other than the name change and updates made to the product ever since, no other differences are noticeable.

The former Infusionsoft package became the Keap Max Classic package at the same price of $199/month.

Details of Keap Features

The Keap software provides a set of features that are available in all of its license plans. The company develops the features offered in each plan based on the unique needs of each organization. The differences between the plans are not related to the number of contacts you can have in your database, which is set to a standard of 500 contacts, but rather in the functionality they provide.

Furthermore, the software will launch many new features in the upcoming months, which we will present below in the Keap review.

Keap General Features

All three packages come with nine default features to satisfy most of your expectations from the Saas product. Thus, all the plans include the following:

  • CRM – Uses smart forms, message personalization, customer interaction history, and email automation, all part of Keap CRM.
  • Sales & Marketing Automation – Automate sales pipelines, follow-ups, and marketing activities, including email journeys.
  • Email Marketing – Create and automate email journeys to increase your clients’ reach and conversion and save precious time for other activities.
  • Payments – Receive payments through Stripe, WePay, or Paypal.
  • Lead Capture – uses Smart Lists for lead management.
  • Mobile app – Applications are available on both Apple and Android.
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Data Migration Support
  • Top-Rated Support

Keap CRM & Marketing Automation features

  • Contact management
  • Contact segmentation
  • Saved searches, filters, and contact list
  • Tasks
  • Forms
  • B2B Management
  • Landing pages
  • Lead scoring
  • Quotes
  • Appointments

  • Sales pipeline
  • Mobile app
  • SMS & phone line
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Syns
  • A/B email testing
  • Gmail & Outlook
  • Invoices
  • One-time payment
  • Recurring payments

  • Subscription management
  • Checkout forms
  • Easy automation
  • Reminders
  • Internal forms
  • API (Integrations)
  • Advanced automation
  • Pipeline automation
  • Reports
  • Analytics
  • Default user roles
  • Customizable Dashboard

Furthermore, in the year’s second quarter, Keap prepared a series of new features to be introduced. Also, most features will be available for the Pro and Max plans.

Keap Upcoming Features

  • Automated SMS
  • SMS broadcasts
  • Custom e-commerce pages
  • 1-click upsell
  • 1-click cross-sell
  • Shopify Integration
  • Custom user roles
  • Sales Funnels

What stands out the most from the Keap upcoming features are the features specific to shopping cart software such as ThriveCart and Paykickstart. Thus, it seems that Keap Infusionsoft plans to penetrate that market and offer 4 in 1 option for its users. That looks interesting, looking strictly at the fact that instead of using four tools, one for marketing automation, one for CRM, one for invoicing, and one for a shopping cart, you will be able to choose to use Keap alone.

To summarize, it all depends on the quality and flexibility they will come with at the end of the day, and we are looking forward to testing that out for you guys and giving you our input.

Keap Review Conclusion

To sum it up, Keap is a highly versatile 3-in-1 tool that can help you manage your customer relationships, invoicing, and marketing automation. It even has some shopping cart applications in the works. Formerly known as Infusionsoft, Keap offers a range of standard features, so be sure to choose a pricing plan that suits your needs best.

This product is primarily designed for small to medium-sized businesses, which should be evident. If you’re looking for something similar for a larger company, we suggest looking for a more affordable option or discussing a custom price. Additionally, we’ve found that Keap’s contact limits can be somewhat restricting, particularly for a popular online retailer.


Alina Maria Stan


Alina Maria Stan

COO & Co-Founder @ Tekpon
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Lead Generation Master & Affiliation Strategist

Alina Maria Stan is the COO and Co-Founder of Tekpon, where she has utilized her expertise in SaaS, software promotion, and lead generation since July 2020. Her role involves media buying and extensive software branding, contributing significantly to Tekpon's market presence.
Ana Maria Constantin


Ana Maria Constantin

CMO @ Tekpon
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Chief Marketing Officer

Ana Maria Constantin, the dynamic Chief Marketing Officer at Tekpon, brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic insight to the digital marketing sphere. With a background in interior design, her aesthetic sensibility is not just a skill but a passion that complements her expertise in marketing strategy.

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