How to get a ClubHouse App invite?

Tekpon is here to help you!

As you probably know, you need an invitation to get into this amazing app, ClubHouse; a few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, Elon Musk, and other interesting entrepreneurs were there, live! Therefore is a must for you to listen and get great advice from people that bring lots of value to us all.

We are a software review website, and we offer discounts, special deals, and limited offers to our community.

Still, today we realize that we could help you with the free invitation to ClubHouse. The only thing you need to do is to register on Tekpon. You will receive an email with the steps you need to take to get accepted.

Please register on Tekpon if you have an iPhone; this app is only available on this phone for the moment.

Great entrepreneurs know that learning and being up to date is one of the keys to success. Now some of you are probably wondering – Why is that? -. The answer is quite simple, information makes you adaptable. Another very important one is to remember that you raise by raising others.

So, keep close to your community for tips and tricks, discounts and support for your StartUp.

We are happy to help you get in! Being part of the Tekpon community is more than that! We will keep you updated with anything that really matters!

Alina-Maria Stan

Alina is a vegetarian, yet she adores her hot dog, Sandy. But don't you worry, Alina's reviews will still be meaty. She is the team's peace before and after the brainstorm but pretty Viking when she has to sustain her ideas. Alina has lived in Denmark for eleven years, from there her state of being. Whenever she has some spare time, you would find her traveling, trying a new experience, exploring nature, naturally cuddling her dog and cat, or cooking something up whenever her husband is not near the kitchen.

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