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Publer is a Social Media Management Tool that helps solopreneurs, freelancers, Social Media Managers, and small and mid-sized businesses to manage their online presence with ease. The software is res...
Learn more about Publer


RADAAR is a multifaceted social media management platform designed to streamline and enhance digital marketing efforts. Centralizing various tasks, it offers tools for scheduling, publishing, monitor...
Learn more about Radaar


Brand24 is an online free monitoring solution that thousands of brands use to identify and analyze their social media mentions and online conversations about their brands, competitors, and products. ...
Learn more about Brand24
Hypefury is a content posting and scheduling tool for Twitter. It helps brands grow and monetize their audience with simple & easy-to-use features like an inspiration panel, social media platform...
Learn more about Hypefury
ActiveCampaign, a popular cloud-based marketing automation software, serves over 180k businesses worldwide. It handles everything from email marketing, reporting, landing pages, and CRM, making it op...
Learn more about ActiveCampaign
MailChimp stands as a leading all-in-one integrated marketing platform designed to empower businesses, from small startups to large enterprises, in their quest to reach their audience and grow. Origi...
Learn more about MailChimp
Mailmodo is a marketing automation software that enables email-led growth with engaging emails, faster workflows, and impressive results. It offers interactive emails with 3x higher conversions, 2x o...
Learn more about Mailmodo
Elastic Email is a powerful multi-product platform for email marketing and delivery, trusted by thousands of developers and marketers. With a comprehensive set of solutions, users can create beautifu...
Learn more about Elastic Email


AnyRoad is a prominent experiential marketing platform designed to optimize events and experiences, thereby enhancing consumer brand loyalty and driving a higher return on investment (ROI). The platf...
Learn more about AnyRoad


Hotjar is a user data aggregation tool that uses website heatmaps and user activity recordings to understand what drives user engagement. The data is then used by product managers, designers, and res...
Learn more about Hotjar
CPV Lab Pro is a cloud-based software for ad tracking especially developed for media buyers, affiliates, and marketing agencies. The tool can help you easily track and optimize your marketing campaig...
Learn more about CPV Lab PRO
Digtective helps advertisers identify and cut their wasted ad spend, optimize ad performance, and invest the savings in profitable ads to scale growth. It’s a challenge across multiple ad platf...
Learn more about Digtective


Cloodot is an all-in-one platform designed to redefine the customer experience landscape for businesses. Harnessing the power of AI, it offers unified messaging and review management across multiple ...
Learn more about Cloodot


Relayto is an interactive experience platform that transforms static content like PDFs and presentations into engaging digital experiences. It allows users to create unlimited public and private inte...
Learn more about Relayto


ChatGPT is designed to generate text similar to how a human might write or speak. The NLP software uses a large dataset of human-generated text as a reference and machine learning techniques to learn...
Learn more about ChatGPT


Durable is an AI website builder that can generate a website in under a minute, including copy, images, and a contact form. It offers editing tools and the ability to add multiple pages and a custom ...
Learn more about Durable

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