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How video marketing can help your small business

People love consuming videos on the internet. Currently, online videos, whether advertisements, online entertainment, or just plain visuals, are a trend, and this trend is not going away soon.

Speaking of video marketing and businesses, 85% of businesses use video marketing as a tool to increase brand awareness, conversions, and returns on investment. In addition, the demand for good quality videos is increasing day by day, which is why it makes sense for businesses to take good advantage of video marketing.

Video marketing, at its very core, is a form of content strategy. You can take it as a conventional TV commercial. It is just like playing a 30-second ad in the middle of a TV program where a certain product is promoted through things in action.

In these modern times, video marketing is more complex, thanks to social media and online accessibility. But there are huge benefits that come from the use of video marketing, specifically for small businesses. 

Let’s have a look at how this form of marketing can help small businesses in gaining more customers:

Tips for how to get more clients through clips

 Videos Help with Traffic Generation

Video marketing statistics suggest that 64% of the customers are likely to make purchases after going through the brand video content of a company. So, more than simply encouraging individuals to make purchases, video marketing even helps in generating quality leads.

Again, reports and statistics say that video marketing helps nurture leads and drive traffic by around 300%. 

Video marketing goes a long way in improving a company’s relationship with its customers and building trust with potential clients. The average individual has a good time connecting with a brand to see the products or services in action.

Way better, if there’s a professional from a certain company speaking to the audiences in a video, it creates more trust and reflects in the conversions and returns on investment made by the company.

Videos always win because it is psychologically tougher for the users to turn off videos compared to text that they can stop reading once they get bored. Videos are better than written text when it comes to evoking emotions online.

Businesses using video marketing for maximizing the reach of their products and services have the option of using the tone of the music, facial expressions, and voice to their advantage. It is one marketing tool that humanizes a brand.

Videos create brand awareness

Videos perform great for brand awareness. Businesses of all kinds can use videos to narrate their brand story, showcase the interview sessions of their employees, or take the audiences behind the scenes so they have greater trust in the products and services offered.

Small businesses can do a good job showing their clients that they share the same value by presenting them with some of the best videos. Speaking of brand awareness, pictures are often more impactful than a thousand words. And videos are worth twice as much.

The brand awareness concept is self-explanatory- businesses are looking to increase the awareness of the customers regarding their brand. Of course, there are many ways of achieving this, but video marketing does a great job here.

Videos help in carrying and spreading the message of a brand to a wide audience. In addition, videos offer the right introduction of products and services even to individuals who are not interested in a particular brand.

But remember, it is not easy to create brand awareness with just one or two videos. As a small business, you will have to employ a long-term plan to consistently place your brand right in front of the consumers through informative and interactive videos.

Live videos improve the button line

Small businesses of all kinds require brand recognition, customer loyalty, and growth. Video marketing brings all this to small businesses. Even though small businesses can employ different video marketing procedures for profits, live videos stand out.

Hands down, there is no other better way of interacting with the audiences or the prospective buyers than speaking to them directly through videos. Live streaming videos help brands in connecting with their customers and audiences whenever they want.

Small businesses can use live videos for scheduling Q&A sessions with the consumers in real-time. These sessions are one of the best ways to make the audience feel like an integral part of something very special. Businesses can also use these sessions to present themselves as industry experts.

Video marketing builds brand personality

The consumers of these present times hardly go for sterile corporate messages that do not have any charisma or personality. As for videos, they give a face to businesses. Thus brands using clips successfully form personal and deeper connections with the target audience.

Also, videos offer clear-cut and all-inclusive data that offers small businesses the scope of analyzing the performance of their video marketing strategy. For example, they can see how many times the audiences have watched their brand videos. They can also understand the way viewers are engaging with their content.

Video marketing leads to organic growth

With video marketing, businesses have more chances to taste organic growth, both in customers and profits. That’s because videos are easy to take in, and thus the viewers share them several times.

This way, they have a wider reach too!

And this further leads to the organic growth of small businesses while expanding them with new customers.

The bottom line

Nevertheless, there’s no shortcut for business growth. Of course, marketing videos are an accessible medium. However, you need to present them in the right way to bring you more business.

Also, small businesses need to focus on different elements of inbound and outbound marketing with social media networks.