Tips on using affiliate programs to generate more sales

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

You have surely heard about affiliate programs and the impressive results your business can get following this marketing strategy. I’ve come across many marketers who described affiliate marketing as making money while sleeping. But the truth is it is not that simple. By the time you reach that stage of relaxation, your sleep will be taken over by plans and ways to enter into such an association.

Another myth I’ve heard is related to the first one – those sales generated by an affiliate network are passive revenues. But to generate sales, you have to constantly improve your products and services and be active in implementing strong marketing strategies. Because, after all, it’s people who decide if it’s worth investing in your products and services. And the process of convincing them takes time and solid marketing efforts.

Strategies to get more sales as an affiliate

Affiliate marketing programs have the advantage of allowing businesses to asses in real-time engagement and return on investment. At the same time, companies can use a wide range of tools such as affiliate tracking software that allows them to trans sales, leads, and clicks. This way, you’ll get a clearer picture of what is going well inside your eCommerce business. Moreover, a product that is not very successful in sales but has the great potential can receive a boost through affiliate programs.

Affiliate Programs

You’ve probably asked yourself how to start affiliate marketing. The first thing to remember is that you aren’t going anywhere without a good plan and great affiliate management. It shall include strategies to learn more about your audience, platform optimization, and association with trustworthy companies. When done right, affiliate programs can boost brand awareness, expand reach, increase sales, and grow your business. 

Next, let’s see some affiliate marketing for beginners suggestions to increase conversion rates using affiliate programs. 

Improve your website

Perhaps one f the most important aspects you should consider when using an affiliate program is taking care of the overall aspect of your website. If you want to gain and generate leads, make sure that people who land on your site get a good first impression. This includes a great web page design, relevant and engaging content, and a stunning user experience. 

You might want more than traffic on your website. Increasing conversion rates is probably the primary aim of an online business. When visitors arrive on your website, they should be engaged to take action towards buying a certain product or subscribing to your newsletter. Optimizing your website can result in more leads and sales improvement. 

Website Design

To attract prospects and drive consumer interest, you should consider tactics like informative video-making, tailored messages via email campaigns, relevant landing pages, engaging content creation, and platform speed. 

Make affiliates out of influencers

Influencers offer much promise for brands regarding visibility, brand recognition, growing reach, and positioning, which all contribute to improved sales. This is why going for affiliate marketing via influencers can boost online sales. And it is quite predictable why influencer campaigns are so successful. When an influencer who enjoys popularity and has a good reputation in their community recommends your products, their audience will trust, by transfer, your company as well. Therefore, associating your business with recognized and trusted human figures can be a good affiliate program to join. A faceless brand has reduced chances of gaining alone that much popularity. The difference is that influencers have already spent time building a community based on trust, so their advice has greater weight.

Content Creation

In addition, statistics show that 80 percent of people have bought something because of an influencer’s suggestion. So, you might not want to miss this opportunity. 

Share coupon codes with your affiliates

When you want to get new customers through affiliate programs, chances are they won’t know about the products and services you sell. Therefore, a good starting point would be to give your affiliates discount codes. This strategy could persuade potential customers interested in the product to buy it eventually. At the same time, it is no surprise that discounts attract people. For example, studies found that 89% of Gen Y buyers in the United States would try a new brand if given a coupon discount. 

Coupon Codes

Try affiliate marketing software

It might be hard to find the perfect affiliate programs that fit your company. To eliminate this hassle, affiliate marketing software can ease your job. An affiliate platform provides access to an affiliate marketplace. Furthermore, it prevents fraud and protects every party’s privacy. In addition, a wide range of affiliate marketing systems allows businesses to exchange emails and send newsletters directly from the program. This improves communication between merchants and affiliates. 

Thus, finding that perfect match affiliate platform depends largely on your needs, requirements, and budget. Many affiliate software work great at improving online revenues and enhancing brand awareness. Furthermore, these tools are intuitive and easy to use, and you don’t need much technical knowledge. Additionally, affiliate program systems allow you to create multi-channel partner programs. This way, you can handle all of your partners, affiliates, associates, and referrers. At the same time, a great software of this kind provides valuable insights into advertising campaigns that drive traffic, leads, and purchases. 

Affiliate Tracking Software

It might be simple to reach for an affiliate program, but you have to do more than this to increase conversion rates and grow your sales. Put yourself in your clients’ and potential customers’ shoes, and see what would make them trust your business. Then, make your web company sell things that you would use yourself.