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Top 4 affiliate marketing tools for beginners

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

Every e-commerce owner knows that they must be fluent in internet practices to make the most of their businesses. Using social media and creating ad campaigns across internet platforms, you can get brand awareness and have greater chances to build a rich customers’ list. But maybe you should try something extra to achieve more results. I am talking about affiliate marketing tools to make your business grow. It’s like taking your company to another level. 

Furthermore, the benefit of reaching for affiliate marketing software is complementing your existing marketing efforts. This is basically a way of finding another revenue stream while offering more value to your clients. Thus, if the idea of becoming an affiliate marketer sounds good to you but you’re struggling to find the best affiliate platforms, don’t worry! We took care of it!

Great affiliate marketing tools to increase online sales

In order to become an affiliate marketer, you should take things slowly and see what’s in it for you. We compiled a list of the most useful affiliate marketing for beginners kinds of software to have a clearer image of these effective advertising practices. 


Voluum is an affiliate ad tracker tool that manages to track, optimize and automate ad campaigns. Its advanced features help you improve a marketing campaign and boost consumer interest in your products and services. Thus, Voluum is a cloud-based app perfect for tracking ad performance. Thanks to its affiliate marketing dashboard, you have access to campaign metrics like costs, profits, and visitors.

Moreover, this affiliate tracking software gives you a full view of the impressions gained on every page and tracks the organic traffics sources. Also, it has optimization features such as real-time reporting, error-log, A/B split testing, and data grouping and drill-down. Voluum ad tracking software seems kind of pricy at first glance, but after learning more about its features suite, everything will make sense. 

Voluum Ad Campaigns


Affiliate marketing automation and management is not unknown to Tapfilliate software. This cloud-based solution allows beginners to track affiliate campaigns. It works well with e-commerce platforms, considering the 36+ easy integrations suite such as Shopify, Stripe, Big Commerce, or Squarespace. Tapfiliate is an affiliate marketing automation solution that does all your work. More specifically, you can easily set up automated signup and referral link generation.

Moreover, users manage ad campaigns quickly from the dashboard and get shareable social media posts directly from the dashboard. Tapfiliate is a great affiliate marketing software because it makes your brand go viral, allowing you to see a considerable increase in conversion rates, consumer interest, and online sales. 

Tapfiliate Features


How could you generate leads if not with PartnerStack’s help? This affiliate tracking software is used to launch affiliate programs and is popular among SaaS companies that want to increase online sales and boost visibility. PartnerStack is an easy-to-use and intuitive affiliate marketing for beginners platform with great integrations and cool features. There’s no way you’ll be dealing with much technological stuff using this app.

The automation features let you create a multi-channel partner program so that you can manage partners, referrers, affiliates, and advocates. The dashboard is so centralized that you can stay on top of your partnerships, ad campaigns, and ad performance. We can say that PartnerStack is one of the best affiliate marketing tools because it manages your partner payouts. Moreover, it gives you analytics of the online advertising efforts that send traffic, leads, and sales. 

PartnerStack Reports


A good affiliate marketing software for beginners is ThriveCart. It provides inexperienced users with stunning affiliate management functionality. You can easily integrate the software into your e-commerce platforms. The integration list consists of notification platforms, webinar platforms, fulfillment services, payment processors, membership platforms, and autoresponders.

Also, connecting it to Zapier enables you access to other affiliate marketing tools that offer automatic receipts, auto-followups, and retargeting. In addition, ThriveCart offers the possibility to give visitors and customers coupons and discounts. This way, you’ll see an improvement in consumer interest. Some of the Pro features include affiliate setups, an affiliate dashboard, and sales tax calculation. 

So, if you are looking for the best affiliate marketing tools, you got in the right place. Consider your business needs and see which affiliate marketing software and effective advertising tools can meet them.