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What is Voluum?

As discussed earlier, Voluum is an affiliate ad-tracking software that lets you manage your ad campaigns. You can add as many campaigns as you want and use Voluum features to track, optimize and automate them.

You need to add your campaigns to the Voluum tracker to get started. It can be done in two ways: full integration and essential manual integration. One of the key features offered by Voluum is its Atomizer. It helps you to integrate your ad trackers into the Voluum dashboard. Once done, you should be able to perform and control your campaign elements directly without leaving the Voluum platform. For instance, you can create auto-rules, change bids, or update traffic source costs.

You can easily import your campaigns with over 70+ ad tracker integration support. It also supports direct manual integration but lacks the complete control that comes with full integration.

The pricing starts from $89 per month, which can seem higher, especially if you are beginning your new affiliate business. However, I found the price to be just right, considering that you can manage multiple campaigns without spending more. Their pricing plans also offer excellent customizability, and if none of the pre-defined plans fits your requirement, you can always connect with their support for customized pricing offers.

Moreover, Voluum is a versatile affiliate ad tracker solution. It has many features that let you track, optimize and automate your ad campaigns. In addition, the product comes with support for 40+ traffic sources. On the pricing side, the basic plan starts at $89 per month. So, if you are an affiliate marketer looking to optimize and automate your campaigns, then the Voluum ad tracker is for you. In conclusion, this tool is an ideal ad tracking software for affiliate marketing as it gives access to an excellent feature set for improving your ad campaigns.

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Voluum Pricing

Starting from:

$89 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Voluum comes with several pricing plans for both individuals & businesses.

Voluum Features

  • Action Tracking
  • Promotional Tools
  • Advocate Management
  • Affiliate Coupon Tracking
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • ROI Measurement
  • Rewards Management
  • Lead Engagement
  • Fraud Detection
  • Audience Targeting
  • Referral Templates
  • Real-time Campaign Tracking
  • Payments
  • Customized Landing Page
  • Campaign Management
  • Commissions & Payouts Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Custom Links
  • Customer Value Tracking

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Voluum Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start earning online. However, if you are an affiliate marketer and are running multiple affiliate sites, you need an affiliate tracker to optimize your campaigns. Meet Voluum, an excellent affiliate tracker which lets you control all your campaigns from a single place. Voluum is tracking software that provides a great automation tool out of the box. It also enables you to connect to popular ad services to gain complete control over them. At the time of writing, it supports integration with 40+ traffic sources.

By using the Voluum ad tracker, you can improve your ad performance. It offers superfast reporting and also gives you access to real-time data.

What is the purpose of ad tracking?

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of ad tracking is? Do businesses need it? Well, ad tracking does have its purpose. Ad tracking monitors its performance, including advertising and brand awareness and performance versus competition. It also tracks the product trials as well.

With ad tracking, you collect data from your advertising campaigns and then use the ad tracking to gain insights. This way, you can create more effective campaigns and ensure results and user experience. Moreover, you can capture a lot of metrics. However, three key metrics are common among different ad-tracking campaigns:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Views

Benefits of ad tracking

By doing ad tracking, you get the following benefits:

  • First, ad tracking gives you the data to know more about your audience. The insights are captured when the ad tracking solution analyzes more and more data. These insights can tell you more about their buying or engagement behavior. As a business, you can utilize the detail to refine your campaigns and serve the audience better.
  • Refines the ad experience for your audience. Every audience is different. That’s why it is vital to know about their likes. For example, if your audience is showing low engagement, then it is obvious they do not like what they are served. This way, you can change the approach and try different ad placements and types to improve engagement.
  • Lastly, you get a better return on investment(ROI) by using ad trackers.

This tool lets you do all of these by giving you an all-in-one ad tracker for your affiliate campaigns.

How to set up a Voluum tracker?

Setting up the Voluum tracker is easy. To get started, you need to do Voluum login. Once done, go to your dashboard and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1.  Go to Campaigns. The Campaigns section will list all your campaigns.
  2. From there, click on the New campaign button to add a new campaign.
  3. Now select add new DSP campaign option.
  4. Choose the Native type when asked.
  5. Set the campaign status to green for active and grey for paused.
  6. Enter a campaign name. The campaign name should be unique.

  1. Add tags to improve search.
  2. Now, set the destination URL and flow radio button based on your funnel complexity.
  3. Put the domain name in the Advertiser domain text field. It would be best if you were the owner of the advertised offer to complete the action.
  4. Once done, set the capping options, including the frequency option and impression per widget.
  5. You can also change more options by clicking on “show more settings.”
  6. Finally, click on the Next button to set targeting and save your campaign.

As you can see, a lot of steps needed to be covered to set up Voluum. If you need a more detailed tutorial, then I suggest checking out Voluum documentation.

Voluum Detailed Features

Voluum is a feature-rich solution for affiliate marketers and businesses. The key features can be categorized into three different categories: Track, Optimize, and Automate.

Voluum Tracking Features

Voluum tracking features let you track your campaign from one dashboard. The tracking features include the following:

  • Affiliate marketing dashboard: Get access to all your campaign metrics, such as costs, profits, and visits, directly from the dashboard.
  • Impression tracking: You get to know impression tracking on every page of your campaign.
  • Custom conversion tracking: Want to know more about your campaign? Add custom conversion tracking using this feature.
  • Organic traffic tracking: Track all your organic traffic sources easily.
  • Mobile app: You get access to the mobile app, which lets you manage your campaigns from anywhere.
  • Redirect webhook: With redirect webhook, you can control the campaign flow.

Voluum also comes with different tracking modes:
  • Redirect tracking: Redirect tracking works with the HTTP redirect method. This method doesn’t require third-party cookies.
  • Direct tracking: You can track organic and paid traffic without any redirects.

There are other key features in Voluum tracking, including:

  • Landing page protection
  • Manual cost update
  • Multi-step funnels
  • Traffic source
  • Affiliate network templates
  • Manual conversion upload
  • Traffic log
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Lander scanning tool

Voluum Optimize Features

The optimized features let you fine-tune your campaign and get the most out of it. In addition, these features let you get your work done efficiently.

  • Real-time reporting: Get a proper understanding of your data via real-time data flow.
  • Error log: Learn about the errors through the error log.
  • A/B split testing: Learn which landing pages are working the best
  • Data grouping and drill-down: Get actionable insights from different data levels.

You can also create rule-based traffic distribution to make your campaigns more accurate. For example, you can apply the set of rules to offers, landing pages, and entire paths. Moreover, you can also use the traffic AI to decide how to send the traffic. The Traffic Distribution AI does its job by analyzing the data over the last 24 hours. Once done, it adjusts the different campaign elements and tries to increase the campaign’s performance.

Other key Voluum optimization features include:

  • Multi-user
  • Shared reports
  • Markers in reports
  • Proxy reports
  • Workspaces
  • Trend analysis tools

Voluum Automate Features

Voluum also lets you automate your affiliate campaigns. The automation lets you make your campaign work without needing to sit 24/7 in front of the computer.

So, what “automated” features does it offer? Let’s list them before.

  • Bot filtering(IP/UA): The tool filters out the bots from reports.
  • API access: API access lets you integrate the Voluum platform with other platforms. It uses JSON and REST-type API.
  • Voluum DSP integration lets you scale, track, and buy your native advertising.
  • Notifications: Get notifications on important events.

Automizer lets you fully integrate traffic sources from all your campaigns. This way, you can do:

  • Cost integration
  • Automation rules
  • Campaign pausing
  • Bid changing
  • Custom alerts
  • Whitelist and Blacklists

Lastly, you also get an Anti-Fraud Kit, which is capable of detecting suspicious visits and clicks. This way, Voluum lets you identify bad sources so that you can disable them.

Voluum Cost

Voluum offers three levels of pricing. Their most basic plan starts from Discover at $89 per month. If you take the yearly bill, then it will cost you $69 per month. The plan is ideal for quickly starting affiliate campaign tracking. Moreover, they are not offering a free version or a free trial, yet you can book a free demo.

Voluum Detailed Integrations

Integration is a crucial part of Voluum functionality. After all, without integration, you will not be able to use your ad solution directly from the Voluum dashboard. To improve integrations and overall user experience, Voluum offers Automizer. With Automizer, you can easily connect sources using API integrations. This also counts as full integration and hence gives you complete control of your campaign using the traffic source from Voluum.

In short, Atomizer lets you control and perform actions on your campaigns directly from Voluum:

  • Auto-update traffic source costs
  • Create auto-rules
  • Change bids
  • Pause or activate your campaign anytime
  • Create blacklists and whitelists

Voluum also offers integrations via templates. The templates are crafted to auto-complete the configuration with tracking parameters and tokens to send the information via HTTP requests. According to Voluum integration documentation, you can also use the template to fill up traffic source details and then use it to integrate via the Automizer feature.

  • Clickbank
  • Adsterra
  • Content.ad
  •  Facebook
  • Exoclick
  •  Google Ads
  • Outbrain

  • MGID
  • PushGround
  •  Propeller Ads
  • Taboola
  • Revcontent
  • Zeropark
  • TrafficJunky

Popular networks and platforms integrations

  • Adcash
  • Admixer
  • Adnium
  • Tonic
  • Twitter
  • Richpops
  • Revcontent

As a Voluum user, you should always look for full integrations as it lets you do the following:

  • Fetch cost information with custom variable support for any given campaign
  • Offers campaign status
  • Directly restore or pause custom variables from the Voluum dashboard
  • Use additional data points for better conversion
  • Change bids

Voluum Detailed Alternatives

The affiliate marketing tracker market is filled with options. Even though Voluum offers excellent features for affiliate marketers, it might not be the best pick for everyone out there. On top of that, the Voluum pricing can be on the higher side for most affiliate marketers. The good news is that there are some good alternatives to Voluum that you can try out. Some of the Voluum tracking alternatives include:

  • Tapfiliate
  • RedTrack
  • PartnerStack

Voluum Review Conclusion

Voluum is undoubtedly a comprehensive affiliate marketing solution. It allows you to control all of your campaigns in just one place. Furthermore, you are free to choose the parameters to integrate them. Their documentation is also well-structured. So, if you feel stuck, you can go to their documentation page and solve your queries.

Overall, Voluum does a great job in what it has to offer. The tool offers well-priced plans for businesses with affiliate businesses and provides tools and features to successfully manage and automate your campaigns.

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