Why your business needs a CRM software to accelerate growth

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

How successful can a business become if it is not oriented to the customer? The relationship the businesses create with their clients and potential clients is, in all cases, the key aspect that allows them to grow. To deliver the most suitable products to their customers, the latter should not be an unknown variable to the company. Instead, the company must know them well and understand their needs, beliefs, and interests. Companies should always be at their customer’s disposal through customer service that to happen. Ever wonder how other businesses seem to arrive miraculously at the exact moment to the right client with that product that he didn’t even know he wanted? The answer starts with C and ends with RM. Yes, it’s the CRM software that we’re talking about. A customer service software that helps you immediately detect customers’ problems to improve your performance.

What is a CRM tool?

Because you’re interested in developing long-term relationships with your customers, software that can do this for you should be considered. You might have heard of such a tool and turned to the all-knowing web through this formula ‘CRM meaning,’ and maybe the results didn’t fully clarify you.

So now we’ll step in and tell you the CRM meaning and all you need to know about this. CRM stands for customer relationship management and is a tool that manages the relationship between a business and its customers and potential customers. With this kind of customer service software, you can improve and considerably grow customer relationships. Thus, a CRM is a tool that integrates strategies and procedures that have the ultimate goal of creating a strong relationship with customers.

What does a CRM system do?

It’s all about data and maintaining good customer relations. As I said above, a CRM system keeps the relationship between a business and its customers alive. But how does this customer management system work? The customer relationship with the business is kept by storing customers’ data and tracking their interactions with you in the digital environment. Customers’ information is collected, correlated, and analyzed to understand what aspects to improve in the future.

This means that every customer interaction with your business is monitored, present or past, thus creating a digital customer profile. The ultimate goal of storing information about the client through a customer management tool is to offer him a more personalized and relevant experience according to his preferences. The CRM software manages to strengthen customer relations and contributes to the increase in sales and the increase of the quality of the sales process.

CRM features

A CRM system that will help your business grow has a few key features that we will present to you to get the results you want. Then, depending on these platforms’ features, you can choose the one that best fits your business. So let’s start with some basic but crucial CRM features:

  • Contact management is a CRM capability that groups customers based on some common features they share. For example, when you launch a new product or service, you address several categories of an audience to inform them about its existence. Because your contacts are well organized in groups, you will know in which light to present your product according to the needs and features of each group.
  • Customer interaction management features aim to maintain the relationship between the company and the customer across multiple channels such as email, messages, forms, and more.
  • Lead management helps businesses focus on their best customers based on demographic and psychographic variables.

Also, the CRM software has advanced features, like:

  • CRM automation allows businesses to automate sales, marketing, and e-commerce tasks and eliminate repetitive tasks for future campaigns. Likewise, follow-up messages, event invitation messages, and reminders are automated.
  • The Customer analytics feature collects information and data from your customers to give valuable insights about your customers and offer them a personalized and relevant experience at the right time.
  • Mobile and Cloud CRM is a feature that gives you flexible access to customer data from any device, including a mobile phone. Using a mobile CRM app allows users to be remotely updated with the latest data and customer information.

Useful CRM for a business

Depending on the specifics of your business, from the wide range of customer relationship management tools, we have selected some of the best CRM software based on their utility features.

  • Salesforce

One of the best CRM software is Salesforce, a cloud-based program that helps businesses keep in touch with their customers. This CRM system allows team collaboration to manage contacts and track customer activity to improve the quality of products and services and has a lot of integrations with over 2,500 applications. The success and popularity of this platform are due to the possibility of generating leads, driving sales, and uncovering real-time insights from any device, thanks to the cloud component.

Salesforce CRM dashboard review

  • Pipedrive

Pipedrive is another CRM software with a user-friendly interface but a not-so-complex range of tools. But, as the name suggests, Pipedrive provides businesses with the bigger picture of their sales pipelines so that they can see the stage of each deal. At the same time, Pipedrive can analyze sales data and generate visual reports. Again, this CRM system works best for small companies, so if you run one of these types, Pipedrive might be the right choice for you.

Pipedrive Dashboard review Tekpon

  • HubSpot CRM

Rated as one of the top CRM platforms, the biggest advantage of HubSpot CRM is that it is 100% free, having the possibility to extend your network by 1 million prospects. In addition, this is a simple and efficient CRM system able to track prospects, schedule meetings, and give company insights. Other features that make HubSpot so popular are the reporting dashboard and pipeline management.

HubSpot CRM software - Honest review by Tekpon

  • CRM Monday.com

Besides being a popular project management tool, Monday.com succeeds in being one of the best CRM software on the market. Monday.com CRM tool works according to the principle of teamwork collaboration and internal communication, where you can manage your clients, collect information about their status, and streamline your business’s sales cycle with your team. In addition, this seems to be an important platform for tracking and generating new leads.

Monday.com CRM software - Honest review by Tekpon

It is time to connect more deeply with your customers

As a business owner, you know how important it is to be aware and familiar with all software innovations in the digital era. This is a major point because these innovations can make you more efficient and make your work easier and time saved. Also, because the basis of a successful business is happy customers satisfied with your services and products, you should consider using CRM software to help customers feel more connected to you. Customer service will surely make your business thrive!