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Collect and manage client documents with ease

Collect and manage client documents with ease | Alex Delivet - Collect

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina is joined by guest Alex Delivet, the founder of Collect, a SaaS for collecting and managing client documents. Alex shares his journey as an entrepreneur, his experiences in the competitive SaaS industry, and the lessons he has learned.

Having sold his B2B Rocks to a venture capital firm, Alex shares the stressful experience of being responsible for its success. This eventually led to his decision to sell, and the VC firm later sold the business to Appvizer.

When promoting Collect, Alex initially contacted people he knew who might need the software. He also implemented SEO and AdWords strategies but found that word of mouth significantly attracted customers, especially in niche industries like mortgage brokering. One success story he shares is about a Canadian company building condominiums that needed to close contracts quickly to get paid. Through the use of Collect, they reduced their time spent on the process by around 80%.

What Alex learned from interviewing 150+ SaaS founders

In 2021, Alex started SaaS Connection, a podcast dedicated to SaaS in French, as no podcasts covered this topic in his native language. One key lesson Alex has learned from his podcast guests is never to give up.

Many successful business owners faced multiple obstacles before ultimately succeeding. He also noticed that the guests he interviews are passionate about their work, and their motivation extends beyond just making money. Alex prefers to interview people with diverse backgrounds, including both successful and failed entrepreneurs, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

In conclusion, this episode provides valuable insights into the competitive SaaS industry, the journey of an entrepreneurial founder, and the challenges and successes of launching a SaaS business. Listeners gain inspiration from Alex’s determination and resilience and practical tips on promoting and growing their own SaaS companies. The Tekpon SaaS Podcast continues to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to share their stories and expertise in the ever-evolving world of SaaS.