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Measure, analyze, monitor & understand critical business data

Measure, analyze, monitor, and understand critical business data | Antti Suikkanen -

Today, we would like to share some of the key takeaways from our recent podcast episode with‘s founder. He shared their insights on data-driven leadership and continuous improvement based on data.

Four out of five SMEs stop growing after reaching 2 million in revenue due to a lack of correct tools, ways, and knowledge. This is where the founder and their team come in. They help SMEs gain knowledge, metrics, and insights to overcome this hurdle and continue growing. We learned it is easy to get buried under the noise of too many KPIs. That being said, choosing KPIs and metrics that are meaningful to your business and goals is important, as having too many can hinder being data-driven.

During the conversation, Antti shared some insights on choosing key performance indicators and metrics that are meaningful to your business and its goals. We walked through some of the Priority team’s challenges during their journey, including coming from a different industry and needing constant funding.

Why did they choose PLG as the main strategy

Additionally, the episode included some interesting facts about, including how the company has chosen product-led growth as the main tactic. Sales leads are expensive, so the company aims to raise awareness and educate potential customers instead. Antti said: “If we just try to chase them with a sales lead, it will cost so much money. We choose to raise awareness, give our voice to the crowd, and teach them to show them that things can be done indifferently. We want to allow them to try our product and give their honest opinion because it’s our responsibility to make the product shine so much that they want to purchase it. I think that’s just how the world works nowadays. It doesn’t have to be so strict. You can have sales that and should have sales that also involved. But that’s our main strategy.”

We hope you found this summary useful and informative. You can listen to the full podcast on YouTube.