Collect, organize, and share real videos from real people

Easily collect, organize, and share real videos from real people | Omar Khateeb - JobPixel

In this episode, we talk about Jobpixel, a platform that gathers authentic user-generated video content that can be used in various workflows and communication channels. The tool solves the problem of companies struggling to bring authentic video content to their audience instead of producing over-edited, unengaging videos. The company focuses on telling people’s stories rather than product reviews and targets industries such as healthcare and manufacturing that face staffing challenges.

The importance of this type of platform is significant in the current era, especially with the rise of the TikTok generation, where people prefer to watch videos rather than read text. TikTok has become a search engine for people to find information via video content, replacing written content in many aspects, including how-to guides and tutorials.

JobPixel allows users to collect videos from anyone using a magic link. Users can send the link via text or email; the recipient can record video using their phone or computer’s native camera. The recorded video goes to a central place where the user can review, approve, and use it as they see fit. The company learned from its customers and continued iterating to make the product a perfect fit for specific clients.

The key to building a successful platform is understanding your customers and their challenges deeply. Don’t create a platform just for the sake of building one. Instead, focus on solving a specific problem for your target customers. Conduct thorough discovery by asking potential customers many questions to understand their needs better. Avoid demoing your product too early in the process – instead, keep asking questions about their problems to build interest and excitement. That’s what Omar advises us.

Overall, our guest’s user-generated content platform provides real solutions for companies looking to create engaging and authentic video content. It is a powerful tool for companies in the healthcare and manufacturing industries looking to showcase their company culture and attract talent. JobPixel’s ease of use and success stories prove that user-generated content is the way for marketing and business communication.