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Construction time tracking and payroll software

Construction time tracking and payroll software | Lou Perez - Lumber

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina speaks with Lou Perez, one of the founders and head of sales at Lumber, a workforce management platform designed specifically for the construction industry. Lou discussed Lumber, highlighting its focus on time tracking, payroll, compliance, and workforce excellence. He emphasizes the company’s dedication to promoting productivity, safety, and worker commitment within the construction industry.

Lou explains that Lumber’s target market includes subcontractors, specialty contractors, and general contractors in the construction industry. He points out that the platform’s user-friendly features, such as a visually appealing app and a fully Spanish version, fulfill the unique needs of construction workers. Additionally, Lumber offers integrations with various ERP systems and emphasizes its tailored payroll services for the construction industry, setting it apart from mainstream payroll providers.

Towards the end of the episode, Lou passionately promotes Lumber, inviting construction industry professionals to connect with him directly to explore how the platform can meet their specific payroll and workforce management needs. His fervent pitch underscores the company’s commitment to personalized client support and assistance.

In summary, the episode provides valuable insights into Lumber’s mission, unique value proposition, and dedication to transforming workforce management in the construction industry. Lou’s energetic and passionate demeanor shines through, reflecting Lumber’s customer-centric culture and deep understanding of the unique requirements of the construction sector. Through this engaging interview, listeners thoroughly understand Lumber’s vision, approach, and the pivotal role it aims to play in the construction industry’s future.