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Create automated flows, test your app on multiple devices

Create automated test flows, and test your app on multiple devices | Tom Riglar - Moropo

In this podcast episode, we discussed creating automated flows and testing your app on multiple devices. Tom revealed how they previously struggled with testing when running an app development agency and how this led to the creation of Moropo.

He talked about the competitive mobile app testing space and highlighted the dominance of open-source projects and how they identified that these projects often require teams to figure out how to use and implement them in their organization. The approach of Moropo is to offer an off-the-shelf solution that enables developers to focus on building their apps rather than figuring out the testing software.

While not the first in the market, Moropo’s approach is fairly unique and consists of three main feature sets. One notable feature is the Results Inspector, which allows for easy organization and understanding of hundreds or thousands of screenshots and logs resulting from an automated testing process.

Mobile app quality is crucial, as churn is a significant factor in the industry. Moropo can save time and effort for product managers and founders who know their product well, empowering them to save up to 55 minutes for every hour typically spent on manual testing. The solution monitors and captures every interaction and step of a test flow, enabling the captured interactions to be replayed across different devices with different operating systems.

Overall, the episode provided great insights into the complexities of developing an innovative and effective mobile app testing solution and the challenges entrepreneurs and technical co-founders face. The guest demonstrated how a persistent need for a better solution led to the creation of an off-the-shelf testing solution to benefit mobile app developers and their clients.