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What is Moropo?

Moropo is a tool designed to simplify UI testing for React Native apps. It offers automated test flows without the need for coding, allowing users to quickly build, edit, and validate tests.

The Recorder captures user flows within the app, while the Device Pool allows for seamless testing across 100+ iOS and Android devices. Replays generate videos, screenshots, and test reports in the Issue Explorer, aiding in bug identification and comparison with baselines.

It provides a no-code solution, enabling non-technical team members to participate in quality assurance. The web dashboard facilitates flow management, including dependencies between flows.

Integration with GitHub allows for triggering test replays upon code changes, providing quick feedback to developers. The Issue Explorer highlights device-specific rendering issues and offers intuitive visual reporting for easy comprehension.

Moropo also supports Slack integration to keep the entire team informed of testing progress and results.

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Effortless UI testing for React Native apps.
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Additional Features

  • Effortless UI testing
  • Automated test flows
  • Recorder
  • Device Pool
  • Video, screenshots & test reports
  • No-code solution
  • Easy test flow management
  • Simulators & emulators
  • GitHub integration
  • Issue Explorer
  • Intuitive visual reporting
  • Slack integration

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