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CRM that works for you, not the other way around

CRM that works for you, not the other way around | Jayesh Mori - Salesmate

In the podcast episode, we interview Jayesh Mori, the CEO at Salesmate. Jayesh describes Salesmate as a modern business platform that integrates sales, marketing, and service experiences across all channels on a single platform. The platform also leverages AI to personalize experiences within a single native platform, providing automation and flexibility for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

In a highly competitive CRM space, Salesmate differentiates itself by focusing on offering a better, faster, and more efficient alternative for medium-sized enterprises compared to more significant players like Salesforce and HubSpot. The company’s vision is to provide a modern platform with better customization, automation, and intelligence that is tightly designed to serve frontline teams efficiently.

Sharing the journey of Salesmate, Jayesh reflects on the company’s founding 2008 as a software consulting firm that later pivoted to launch Salesmate in the international market in 2016. Salesmate has grown to a team of around 120 individuals, with the entire company employing about 400 people, all achieved without external funding. Jayesh identifies understanding customer needs, marketing, and building the right technology as the top challenges faced along the journey.

Looking ahead, Salesmate’s feature vision includes launching a significant update with advanced AI capabilities, positioning the platform as the first CRM in the world that users can communicate with. The company aims to target mid-sized markets and leverage the new update to drive significant growth throughout 2024.

In a personal retelling, Jayesh details his professional journey, initially starting as a software engineer in India before gaining invaluable experience at financial analytics and predictive analytics startups in the United States. With Salesmate, he uses his acquired skills to drive the company’s product strategy and organic growth, focusing on empowering small businesses to find value in the platform.

In closing, Jayesh advises aspiring entrepreneurs to start companies for the right reasons and address unmet needs or underserved segments. He also shares his fondness for Figma, an easy-to-use and collaborative design tool. The episode concludes with Jayesh welcoming the listeners to check out Salesmate and offering to assist founders with any questions.

Overall, the podcast episode provides a comprehensive overview of Salesmate’s unique value proposition, its journey from inception to current growth, insights into the CRM industry, and candid advice from Jayesh Mori based on his personal experiences and professional expertise.