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Data management for the subscription economy

Live from @SaaStock | Data management for the subscription economy | Demed L'Her - DigitalRoute

Live from SaaStock, host Cristian Dina welcomes Demed L’Her, the CTO of DigitalRoute. The podcast discusses DigitalRoute’s unique standpoint in the SaaS industry, they delve into the challenges and strategies of data management, specifically in the new subscription economy.

DigitalRoute, based in Sweden, is an intense player in usage data, especially in aiding SaaS companies in transitioning to usage-based models. With a strong focus on the changing dynamics in the SaaS industry, DigitalRoute highlights how subscriptions are gradually stagnating, and efficiency is the new necessity.

Our guest, in his role as the CTO, combines the responsibilities of running the product team, the R&D department, and the company’s technical architecture. He shares valuable insights into the world of SaaS and the importance of particular strategies in growth and expansion, especially hiring the right people that synergize with the company’s chemistry.

He shared his previous experiences, including starting his career in Silicon Valley and his venture into founding a startup. Despite the startup not progressing past the founding stage, our guest utilizes his learned expertise to propel DigitalRoute and its SaaS product to new heights.

Patriotically, DigitalRoute believes strongly in employer branding, especially in smaller markets with less recognition. Our guest is highlighting the significance of hiring, he emphasizes the growth from a team of 60 to 100 people, thereby stressing the importance of finding the right personnel for successful growth. Demed has been with DigitalRoute for three years, bringing his wealth of experience from big companies like SAP and Oracle. Despite not securing any funding, being privately owned hasn’t hindered the company’s impressive run.

In conclusion, this episode provides a comprehensive look into the operations of a leading SaaS company and the evolving industry trends. It showcases the power of optimized pricing strategies and the significant role of data management. Demed L’Her’s expertise and passion shine through, providing valuable insights for budding SaaS companies and experts alike.