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Enhance subscriber acquisition and retention experiences

Enhance subscriber acquisition and retention experiences | Tony Sternberg - Prosperstack

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, Cristian Dina interviews Tony Sternberg, the co-founder and CEO of Prosperstack. Tony introduces Prosperstack as an automated retention solution for high-volume, low to moderate price point subscription businesses. Their primary focus is on reducing churn and extending customer lifetime value. The platform is designed to address acquisition and retention at every stage of the customer lifecycle, with its current offering centered around active churn reduction.

One of the standout features of Prosperstack is its deep integrations with billing platforms, which allows for low-code or no-code integrations, speeding up the implementation time for their clients. Their most loved features include A/B testing of different offer types, customer segmentation, and language processing around feedback to aggregate commonly used phrases and keywords, providing actionable insights for clients.

On a personal note, Tony reflects on the founding of Prosperstack and the path he and his co-founder took to create the business. From acquiring customers through personalized video outreach to scaling up their go-to-market strategies through SEO, paid advertising, and partner marketplaces, the journey has been shaped by strategic growth decisions that lead to the company’s stable position.

Finally, Tony shares some valuable advice for those on a similar journey and recommends having a co-founder to navigate the challenges and demands of a startup. In summary, this episode offers a comprehensive view of how Prosperstack empowers subscription businesses to reduce churn and optimize subscriber experiences across various verticals, shining a light on the journey and vision of the company as it continues to evolve.