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How to optimize your customer experience

How to optimize your customer experience | Emily Gonzalez-Cebrian - FROGED

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Emily Gonzalez-Cebrian, CEO and co-founder of Froged. Emily explains that Froged is a SaaS solution that focuses on optimizing customer success and support in relation to the product. The platform aims to help companies convert trial users into paying customers and reduce churn, ultimately optimizing the customer lifecycle.

One interesting aspect of Froged mentioned by Emily is their churn calculator. She explains that the platform helps companies prevent potential churn by understanding user behavior and anticipating actions that could lead to churn. By acting in advance, companies can prevent churn and retain more customers.

Cristian also asks about the use cases of Froged. Emily explains that the platform is often sought after by companies looking to improve their onboarding process. However, she emphasizes that the value of Froged extends beyond onboarding, as it also helps companies improve support and move towards a proactive approach. By understanding user behavior and tracking engagement, companies can create more targeted campaigns and improve their overall customer success.

One of Emily’s favorite customer success stories involves helping companies transform their support departments from cost to revenue centers. She believes that by shifting towards a proactive approach and incorporating support into the overall customer lifecycle, companies can generate revenue rather than simply incurring costs.

The new category of Product Success software

When asked about differentiators in the competitive space, Emily mentions that Froged is creating a new category in the software industry: product success software. They differentiate themselves by focusing on turning support into a revenue center and providing flexibility in serving B2B and B2C clients. Additionally, Froged emphasizes the concept of “human power technology,” which aims to empower human teams with superpowers through technology.

In summary, this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast explores how Froged helps companies optimize their customer experience and improve their product success. From tackling challenges such as converting trial users and reducing churn to providing outstanding onboarding and support with superpowers, Froged offers a comprehensive solution. By emphasizing transparency, flexibility, and the concept of human power technology, Froged stands out in the competitive SaaS industry.