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Ensure subscription excellence, and scale your way

Ensure subscription excellence, and scale your way | Piper McKenzie - Upodi by Visma

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Piper McKenzie, the head of marketing at Upodi, a subscription management software company recently acquired by Visma.

Piper explains that Upodi is a fully automated subscription management solution designed to assist companies in scaling a subscription business model. The software addresses the challenges of managing high volumes of subscriptions across different markets, currencies, and tax laws, as well as automating processes such as subscription sign-ups, payment information changes, and dunning for failed payments.

When discussing the market landscape and competition, Piper mentions that the subscription management market is still emerging, with a few European players primarily targeting the European market. With Upodi’s acquisition by Visma, the company has become part of a larger organization, resulting in cultural and operational changes.

Piper also sheds light on the go-to-market strategy for finding new clients, emphasizing the importance of educating the market on new technologies and reaching out to potential clients through outbound efforts.

Looking towards the future, Upodi aims to be the go-to provider of subscription management for enterprise and high-volume subscription companies across various industries. Piper shares insight into her career journey, having started in the creative industry before transitioning into marketing and branding within the SaaS industry.

Piper’s advice for those aspiring to enter the marketing or software industry revolves around understanding the audience, the product, and the tools utilized while emphasizing the value of learning about business and software development.

This episode provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities within the subscription management industry and practical advice for professionals seeking to venture into marketing and software.