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Find the right consultant with a matchmaking platform

Find the right consultant with a matchmaking platform | Robert Burke - Sobo AI

In this episode, host Cristian Dina interviews Robert Burke, the CEO and co-founder of Sobo AI, a technology company that offers a matchmaking platform to connect businesses with consultants. Robert discusses the challenges faced by small to mid-sized companies when it comes to finding and integrating consultants and the solutions his company provides.

The episode begins with Robert explaining how Sobo utilizes data and AI capabilities to match businesses with the right consultants. He highlights that the biggest problem for companies is the lack of awareness of effectively utilizing consultants and the market’s lack of trust due to unverified consultants. The software aims to address these issues by providing a platform where businesses can seamlessly integrate their data with financial applications, CRMs, and HR platforms. This integration allows them to receive competitive benchmarking and gain insights on their performance compared to industry peers.

Robert emphasizes the security and anonymity of the shared data, assuring listeners that Sobo doesn’t pull any identifiable information such as company names or employee details. Additionally, the data is encrypted and only shared with a verified and vetted network of the top 3% of consultants. By leveraging the data, these consultants can provide valuable insights and recommendations to businesses, helping them to streamline their consulting engagements.

Robert stresses that the platform provides transparency and control for business owners. Payments to consultants are managed through the platform, ensuring that consultants deliver the agreed-upon deliverables before receiving payment. This eliminates concerns about consultants taking money without delivering results. He explains that larger companies with more resources and expertise already have processes to integrate consultants, but smaller to mid-sized businesses often struggle due to limited resources and knowledge.

In conclusion, Sobo AI offers a comprehensive matchmaking platform that leverages data and AI to connect businesses with the right consultants. By addressing the lack of awareness and trust in the consulting market, the tool aims to empower small to mid-sized businesses to make informed decisions and achieve their strategic objectives confidently.