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Flexible components for all of your PDF needs

Flexible components for all of your PDF needs | Mang-Git Ng - Anvil

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Mang-Git Ng, the CEO and co-founder of Anvil. Anvil is an infrastructure software company that helps product and software teams automate paperwork by digitizing documents, data collection, and e-signatures. Anvil aims to provide an end-to-end solution for teams building software, making it easier and faster for them to automate document-driven processes.

Mang-Git discusses the challenges many technology companies face when automating processes rooted in paperwork. One of the main challenges is working with PDFs, which can be difficult to manage and build against. Additionally, building the user experience and incorporating the necessary rules and logic into the process is complex. Anvil aims to simplify this by providing tools to build the workflow for those who understand the paperwork. At the same time, developers and product managers can focus on integrating Anvil into their software.

The goal of Anvil is to offer a holistic platform for automating paperwork, with its main product being Anvil workflows. Users can upload any document or PDF to Anvil and build an online workflow that replaces the need for physical paperwork. This includes presenting customers with mobile-friendly web forms, data validation, rules, and logic, and automatically generating completed documents for e-signature. Anvil also provides a flexible API for those who want deeper integration or prefer to use specific features individually, such as web forms, PDF generation, or e-signatures.

When discussing the most loved features of Anvil, Mang-Git highlights embeddability as a top feature. Unlike other e-signature providers, Anvil allows the integration to be part of the product’s flow rather than kicking the user out into a separate system. Another highly requested feature is white labeling, allowing users to customize the Anvil experience to match their brand, creating a seamless integration. Lastly, Anvil’s logic engine, or expressions, is a powerful feature that enables users to perform complex calculations and transform document-based experiences into online ones.

Overall, Anvil provides an efficient solution for automating paperwork and streamlining document-driven processes. With its user-friendly platform, flexible API, and powerful features, Anvil empowers product teams and developers to build software faster and more effectively.