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From complex to clear – how to decipher a CPQ SaaS

From complex to clear - how to decipher a CPQ SaaS | Wilma Eriksson - vloxq | The Simplifier Podcast

In an enlightening episode of The Simplifier Podcast, Daniel Deaconu candidly talks with Wilma Eriksson, founder and chief revenue officer of Vloxq, about how to refine brand messaging and website design for SaaS B2B founders. The episode, produced in partnership with Tekpon, provides actionable insights for entrepreneurs aiming to enhance their online presence and connect effectively with potential clients.

Wilma, with her extensive ten-year background in the SaaS industry, shares her journey as a founder while navigating the challenges of motherhood. She introduces Vloxq’s CPQ solution, which streamlines pricing and quoting processes for SaaS companies, particularly those leveraging CRM and ERP systems across various industries. Daniel asks Wilma to break down CPQ in layperson’s terms to demystify the product for listeners. Wilma obliges by likening it to customizing a new car, illustrating how intricate options can be simplified with the right tools.

The conversation then shifts towards the micro-analysis of Vloxq’s website, focusing on the crucial hero section. Daniel underscores that the hero section must convey the features and benefits of Vloxq’s tool, ensuring it resonates immediately with potential clients. Wilma discusses her struggles articulating the tool’s purpose for her diverse clientele, evoking the complexity of addressing multiple target audiences.

How to decipher a CPQ SaaS

Daniel offers his expertise, suggesting that Vloxq refines its website messaging to specifically target sales teams, emphasizing integration with CRM and ERP systems. He believes that simplifying the language and tagline for Vloxq will make the value proposition more compelling and relatable. Daniel also stresses the significance of the call to action, recommending that it directly addresses the immediate needs of clients rather than a long-term vision.

Daniel further praises company logos as a trust-building element but cautions against overloading the header. Instead, he suggests that the hero section should be geared towards drawing interest and inspiring visitors to scroll for more information, with a clear and specific call to action like “Quote faster today” that spells out an immediate benefit.

Their deliberations on the placement of social proof, integration references to foster trust, and the importance of specificity in the web pages reflect a common goal: to capture customer engagement through clarity and precision. In light of the advice, Wilma acknowledges the value of the recommendations, opting for modest refinements over a complete overhaul of the website. She voices her appreciation for the productive analysis, signaling immediate and planned future updates to align with Daniel’s suggestions.

As the episode draws to a close, Wilma commends The Simplifier Podcast for its helpfulness and offers to propose other guests who could benefit from the platform. Daniel, expressing his support for Wilma’s vlogs, ensures a communal sentiment of encouragement and scholarly support. The episode culminates in a mutual exchange of gratitude, underscoring the ongoing website and brand message improvement journey in the evolving landscape of SaaS enterprises.