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Go live with any pricing model, without engineering effort

Go live with any pricing model, without engineering effort | Abhishek Rajagopal - Togai

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina welcomes Abhishek Rajagopal, co-founder of Togai, to discuss the importance of effective pricing models for SaaS companies and how they’re helping businesses optimize their pricing strategies without the need for engineering effort.
By automating the pricing-to-billing platform, Togai allows for easy and iterative changes to pricing models without requiring engineering effort. Abhishek explains that revenue increases from pricing changes may be observed over a longer period.

The interview delves into the common mistakes companies make in pricing, with Abhishek emphasizing the need to start early and track customer usage to understand what to monetize. Customers have different value propositions, and charging them the same way may not be optimal. Understanding customer usage through consistent tracking allows for iterating on pricing points and determining customer value.

Abhishek also discusses the importance of making decisions over a longer timescale while maintaining momentum and fast decision-making. Togai is being built with a ten-year vision, and the plans and implementations are made annually. He stresses the challenge of optimizing feedback loops while staying focused on the larger vision.

In conclusion, this show episode provides valuable insights from Abhishek Rajagopal on the importance of effective pricing models for SaaS companies. Through his journey as an engineer turned entrepreneur, he shares his experiences in fundraising, team-building, and the long-term vision of their company. Togai’s innovative solution to automate pricing changes without engineering effort is set to revolutionize how SaaS companies optimize their revenue streams.