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Gmail CRM for sales and marketing teams

Gmail CRM for sales and marketing teams | Anna Pozniak - NetHunt CRM

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, Cristian Dina interviews Anna Pozniak, the head of marketing at Nethunt CRM. Anna provides valuable insights about Nethunt CRM, a system for businesses relying on outbound sales. She discusses the challenges businesses face with decentralized and messy data, unstructured processes, and unpredictable sales forecasts, which Nethunt CRM aims to solve by providing a single system to unite outbound processes.

Anna highlights the top three customer features of Nethunt CRM. These include seamless integration with Gmail and Google Workspace, powerful sales automation workflows, and integration with LinkedIn and messengers like WhatsApp. She emphasizes the product’s noteworthy integration with the Google ecosystem and its ability to streamline the sales process, automate tasks, and directly add publicly available data from LinkedIn to the CRM.

As the podcast continues, Anna reflects upon her career journey from starting as an assistant to the CMO at an advertising technology company to her current role as head of marketing at Nethunt CRM. She shares insightful advice for starting marketers, stressing the importance of taking responsibility and focusing on fewer channels to gain expertise.

Overall, the episode provides a comprehensive overview of Nethunt CRM, its features, customization options, success stories, pricing model, differentiation in the competitive market, company history, growth trajectory, and future potential. Anna Pozniak’s expertise and experience in the SaaS industry offer valuable insights for listeners, making the episode a valuable resource for sales and marketing professionals seeking to optimize their CRM processes.