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Host engaging virtual, hybrid & in-person events

Host engaging virtual, hybrid & in-person events | Muhammad Younas - vFairs

In this podcast episode, Muhammad shares how vFairs is helping event organizers increase their ROI and capture leads more efficiently. He told us that the events industry has always been established, but it has been difficult to find ROI for the money spent. Traditional events were limited in reach and had poor data regarding ROI, and virtual events solved some problems with technology.

Muhammad started the company because they faced problems while looking for event tech providers to run their events. These problems included not finding technology to fully configure the type of event they wanted, expensive services, and a lack of professional support for running a successful event. They built their technology that was configurable and flexible and eventually started running their events. Companies approached them to rent their technology and asked for consulting support to run successful events, leading to the birth of vFairs.

Listeners learned that the key to getting the best out of any event, whether virtual or in-person, is to give it time and attention. People often try to do too many things at once, even during events. If one has committed to attending an event, it’s important to give it due attention because the organizers have likely put a lot of effort into curating the content. Attending a few selected events with full attention is better than many with divided attention.

Why understanding your product is key

Muhammad highlighted the fact that education and knowledge are critical for sales, as they make up 90% of the process. Therefore, the company believes that understanding the product and the problem it solves is key for everyone to speak the same language. Salespeople’s education on the product is more important than their sales technique. The most important aspect of sales is understanding the customer’s problem and helping solve it. The company focuses on serving its existing customers well while delivering the best possible service daily.

In conclusion, this episode provided valuable insights into the events industry, particularly for event organizers looking to maximize ROI. Muhammad shared their experiences and the lessons they learned while building their platform to assist event organizers. They emphasized the importance of understanding the customer’s problem, focusing on education and knowledge, and committing to giving events due attention.