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How artificial intelligence is changing the SaaS world

How artificial intelligence is changing the SaaS world | Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan - Upekkha

In this podcast episode titled “How artificial intelligence is changing the SaaS world,” host Cristian Dina welcomes guest Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan from Upekkha to delve into the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the software-as-a-service industry.

The switch from SEO to PEO

The episode begins with a discussion of the collapse of search engine optimization and its replacement by AI-powered platforms like ChatGPT and prompt engine optimization. Thiyagarajan emphasizes the crucial role of Google search in the growth of SaaS, transforming it from a selling-centric model to an assisted buying approach. However, with the rise of platforms like ChatGPT, the relevance of SEO is diminishing. SaaS companies must optimize their presence and influence on these AI-driven platforms.

Thiyagarajan highlights the power of ChatGPT, which crawls the internet and uses inference to answer questions. Optimizing this inference engine becomes crucial for companies seeking to make their mark in the AI-driven landscape. The implications of these changes for search and content marketing are significant, pushing companies to rethink their strategies and adapt to the evolving technological landscape.

Understanding customer behaviors in the face of Chat GPT’s emergence becomes crucial. Redesigning workflows to align with these changing behaviors and leveraging new AI technologies to solve customer problems are vital steps for SaaS companies. Thiyagarajan emphasizes the importance of iterative experimentation and continuous improvement in building a successful strategy in the post-Chat GPT era.

The UI and infrastructure changes

Not only are user experiences in SaaS undergoing a transformation, but the underlying technology and architectures are also evolving. The user interface layer is transitioning towards chat or voice interfaces, leading to the redefinition of categories like CRM and customer support. Looking ahead, Thiyagarajan predicts that these changes will take place within the next five years.

Developers face the dilemma of building applications on top of language models or traditional operating systems. Incorporating AI into existing products, harnessing niche data, and winning the UI battle are critical factors for success. Companies leverage existing AI models like OpenAI and ChatGPT to create content while connecting new AI applications with established systems through middleware.

Despite reduced investments in India’s tech industry, AI investment is increasing, particularly in language model training and middleware development. Investors are advised to seek experts who possess experience in both pre-transformer and post-transformer architecture models in AI to identify real AI companies. The episode highlights the significance of understanding technological changes in AI for investors. OpenAI’s chat GPT’s journey, overcoming skepticism and garnering 100 million users within two months, serves as a testament to the immense potential of AI in various sectors.

In conclusion, AI is revolutionizing the SaaS industry. Understanding and embracing AI technologies, optimizing for platforms like ChatGPT, and reimagining user experiences are imperative for companies seeking to thrive in the rapidly evolving AI-driven landscape. The podcast episode provides valuable insights and guidance for businesses navigating this transformative paradigm shift.