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Why B2B SaaS websites need to switch to Headless CMS

Why B2B SaaS websites need to switch to Headless CMS | Alan Gleeson - Contento

In this podcast, the host interviews Alan Gleeson, with over 15 years of experience in the B2B SaaS industry. They discuss the importance of having various marketing skills, the benefits of continuous learning, and the advantages of using a Headless Content Management System.

The podcast speaker gives an example of how a large tech company in Ireland was experiencing frustration with a slow and sluggish website due to adding various plugins, codes, and themes over time. They were intrigued by headless, and their technology leaders saw the appeal of going down a headless route. The company configured the content modeling in the back end to meet their needs and now has a fast website with reduced dependency on developers.

Why you should switch to a headless CMS

The co-founders of Contento came from different backgrounds and experienced frustration with the infrastructure and architecture in their past experiences. One wanted to move to a headless CMS solution but did not find any options that took a unique position for B2B SaaS companies, which is what they are doing. The market for headless CMS is crowded, but the co-founders of the company under discussion believe there is a market opportunity and a viable niche to focus on.

They highlight the importance of identifying a reliable source of information to help grasp core elements of briefs and offer examples of companies who have benefited from migrating to Headless CMS. Contento is one of the companies offering a vertical approach for content management systems with a B2B SaaS slant. The interface is user-friendly and focused on pixel-perfect design for marketing users, offering the benefit of other headless CMS features such as speed and security.

In conclusion, the podcast discusses the benefits of headless CMS, which offers quicker and more secure websites while allowing developers to create their front end rather than being constrained by templates. The speaker notes that raising capital is often an inflection point for investing in the site and considering headless as a route forward. Finally, the podcast seems to be aimed at founders of B2B SaaS companies looking to build an effective marketing strategy using modern website development solutions.